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Year 3


YEAR 3  2020-2021




Mrs Kelly: Class 7 Teacher
Miss Tarlowski: Class 8 Teacher
Mrs Ringrose: Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tee: Assistant Head Teacher and Head of Y3 & Y4


YEAR 3 - 2020-2021


We can't wait for you to make your mark in year 3!  Like the rest of the school, we have some amazing work planned on the theme of COLOUR.  After that, our topic will be The Stone Age to the Iron Age.

We really can't wait to have a new beginning with you all.

Please take a look at our Stone Age to Iron Age knowledge Organiser to find out what we will be learning.

Well done to Asaiah who was our Y3 Winner of the Reading Rainbow 'YELLOW' Certificate design! Mrs Whitehead, our literacy lead, was so excited when seeing Asaiah's design and knew the children across our school who really admire his creativity and artist skills!

Our WOW Day in Year 3!

We had a fantastic day and fortunately the weather was very kind to us!  In the morning, we were archaeologists and we unearthed a variety of bones which we sketched and described.  We also learnt about cave paintings from around the world.  In the afternoon, we pretended to live in the Stone Age and recreate our own cave drawings … under our desks!  We finished our day by combining a bit of physical activity alongside team work to find out even more about cave paintings.  Here are a few highlights!

Design and Technology


The children have been exploring how to make sliders and levers. All in preparation for designing their own...watch this space!


Colour Theme


The Day the Crayons Quit!

After designing their own crayon the children wrote Duncan a letter. The children recorded their letters, listen to a few that were chosen for the best voice and expression! 



Best Expression!

Still image for this video

Best Voice!

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Still image for this video


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We have had great fun sending a note from our crayon to Duncan to express to him how they were feeling. Absolutely brilliant! Well done to these two children for making it onto the recognition board.

A note to Duncan

Still image for this video

A note to Duncan

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We have a had a FANTASTIC start to the new school year and we have really enjoyed lots of different activities linked to books about Colour - The Day You Begin, The Dot and The Day The Crayons Quit.  Most of the work is displayed in class or in our brand new books but below is a selection of what we have done which is on display in our hall.


Monday - Outdoor PE - PE uniform required

Tuesday - Indoor PE - PE uniform required

Reading at home - Our new 'Rainbow Reading' reward scheme

Please watch this video to find out more about our new 'Reading Rainbow' reward scheme:



Diary check day is…Tuesday

We will be checking all diaries each Tuesday.

This means we will be counting your reads from the previous Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Snuggle up with a book.


We hope that children in Year 3 will do lots of reading at home so that they may complete their rainbow challenge.  Some children will be bringing home more than one book, depending on the colour and its length. Children can exchange their books any day of the week. 

Returned books will be stored for 3 days before being returned to the reading shelves.

OuMemorieto treasure from


We all had so much fun creating our magnetic fish games today. All the children were really engaged and loved the process of making, playing and evaluating!

We have really enjoyed our Shakespeare week. The play we have focussed on was 'The Merchant of Venice' here is a few photos from our brilliant day of drama!


Do you like experimenting? Are you keen to find out how things work? Do you like carrying out investigations?

If so, you'll love our next topic...


Coming soon to Year 3

The topic for this Half Term is going to be 'What Makes Britain Great'. We are going to be learning about the 4 different countries of the UK, their traditions and famous landmarks. We will shortly be sending home an exciting homework project in which all the children will be given a city from the UK to research. We will then collect all of them in and create a year group book about cities in Great Britain.

What an awesome parent workshop we had this week. We created some great volcanoes and then made them erupt. Here are some pictures.


We learnt about some of the features of a volcano and we made some FANTASTIC fortune teller volcanoes! We are very impressed by the detail that you have put into them! Well done everyone!


For our Extreme Earth Wow Starter we became reporters for the day, creating amazing news reports using the green screen. Here is one for you to view. You all did a fantastic job!


Still image for this video


What an awesome way to end the term, we created necklaces, finished our Stone Age dwellings and created some more awesome cave paintings! Here are some pictures of us all in our great Stone Age outfits.

We would like to welcome Miss Ryan who is a Year 4 Trent Student and is completing her final teaching practice at Old Basford. She will be working with some of the Year 3 children until mid December.


What a wonderful 50th Birthday Old Basford had yesterday. We all loved making kites and trying to fly them! Here are a few pictures.


What a Wonderful Wow day we have had. We discovered lots of artifacts on the Trim trail this morning which we brought inside to take a closer look! We think they might be from the Stone Age! Here are some pictures of us examining these interesting artifacts.

We are really excited to start the Autumn term and cannot wait for the exciting topic we are starting with. We are going to delve far into the past and head back to the Stone Age! Throughout the term we are going to be heading from the Stone towards the Iron age and exploring all the areas between!