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Year 4


2021  2022

Meet the team:

Class 9 teacher - Mr Hill

Class 10 teachers - Mrs Tindsley & Mrs Black

Team Leader – Mrs Tee

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Ross and Miss Ryan



Meet the children

Things to remember

PE Days

Tuesday - Swimming - Swimming kit and towel required

Wednesday -  Outdoor PE - PE uniform required




Children need to read at least 3 times a week with an adult. Diaries will be checked on a Monday for the previous week.

Spring  term!



Spring Term Creative Homework

Below is the creative homework for this term, this is linked to our current topic of teeth to toilet.

Completed homework needs to be handed in by Wednesday 9th February, this will then allow children to share their work with their class before the half term break. We can’t wait to see what you create.

Week beginning 10th January


This week the children have the opportunity to take part in cycle training. They've had great fun learning how to complete simple bike maintenance and ride a bike safely.

An extra big WELL DONE goes to Raaina, who before her bikeability training couldn't ride a bike, but managed to learn how to in just an hour! Wow!

Coding Club

The Year 6 Digital Leaders have been kind enough to offer to run a coding club for some of the Year 4 children on a Thursday lunch time. The first session started this week and the children had great fun. 

Practical Maths!

Week beginning 4th January

Beauty and The Beast Pantomime

On Friday, Year 4 were lucky enough to go to The Nottingham Playhouse and watch Beauty and The Beast (Oh yes we did!!).

The children absolutely loved the experience and enjoyed singing along to lots of the songs.

Tooth Collages

We have been learning about the structure of the tooth and have created collages to represent the structure. 

Outdoor Learning

As part of our new Jigsaw topic, Dreams and Goals, we used natural materials to create our own dream catchers. 

Digestive Experiment 

We had great fun during our Wow Day where we completed an experiment to show how food passes through our digestive system. 

Spring Term

The Spring term will start by looking at the human digestive system and teeth. The children will use scientific enquiry skills to investigate both of these things. Our literacy work will be linked to this topic and we will be reading The Demon Dentist.


We will start the Spring term in maths by looking at multiplication and division, below is a maths knowledge organiser linked to these concepts. These show the methods and vocabulary we will be using to help us teach the children so you may find these helpful if you want to help your children with any maths work.

Autumn term!

Autumn Term 2 - Rampaging Romans


We have had such a busy term learning all about the Romans, Phoebe (Class 9) and Evie (Class 10) have written all about some of the things we have learned below:

This term our main focus has been on the Romans and what Roman Britain was like. We learned about how Roman roads were made and the different layers to them. There was rubble, smooth stone, dirt, mud and pebbles. They built the roads so that they could move things from place to place easier and quicker. We also learned about Boudicca, she was a Celtic Queen in the Roman times. She was part of the Iceni tribe and got a big army to fight the Romans. Then she drank a bottle of poison rather than being captured by the enemy.

We have also learned about Hinduism in RE. The temple that Hindu’s worship in is called a Mandir. When they get in the Mandir, they take off their shoes to show respect to the gods and then they ring a bell to announce that worship has started. After this they will pray to one of their gods, one of which is called Shiva.

Our literacy work has been linked to our Roman topic, we have written an adventure story involving a Roman solider and a newspaper report about the Roman invasion of Britain.

Christmas Party

We had great fun at our Christmas party. We played lots of games and had a dancing competition but Mr Hill's raft game was definitely one of our favourites! 

End of Term Topic Quiz

The children thoroughly enjoyed our end of term topic quiz using the app 'Kahoot' on the iPads. It was a close contest but a big congratulations goes to our overall winners Evie and Laila. 

Christmas Jumper Day

We have really enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers today and having a Christmas dinner. We are all very excited for the last week of term and lots of festive fun!

Roman Invasion - Newspaper Reports

This week, in literacy the children have been writing a newspaper report about the Roman invasion of Britain. The children have really enjoyed doing this and the final pieces of writing are fantastic!

Comic Life

This week we have completed our comics using the Comic Life app, have a look at some of the front covers we made.

Boudicca Paintings


We used water colour paints to create our Boudicca artwork. 

Newspaper articles


We have been looking at the key features of newspaper articles this week and drawing story maps. We look forward to writing our own newspaper article next week. 

Marvellous Maths


We had lots of fun using cubes to make shapes with different perimeters.

Circuit Training in PE

Mr Hill put us through our paces during PE this week where we did lots of different exercises as part of our circuit training. It was great fun! 

Comic Life

The children have used Comic Life on the iPads to create their own comics about Roman Britain.

Book Fair

The children enjoyed previewing some of the books that are for sale at the book fair and sharing them with each other. 

Roman Adventure Stories

This week, the children have written their own Roman adventure stories. They have done a super job and included lots of description to make their stories exciting. All of the children have included direct speech within their writing which they have correctly punctuated with inverted commas. 

Children in Need


We have had a great time raising money for Children in Need. We have had a Pudsey drawing competition, a Pudsey code breaking maths lesson and a cake sale. We also enjoyed coming to school in non uniform. 

Anti-Bullying Week 


This week we have been doing lots of anti-bulling activities, we have made posters, thought about how we could prevent bullying in school and completed some anti-bulling drama. 




All of the children this term have been working hard on their handwriting, ensuring it is fluent and joined. Well done to the children who have been awarded their pen licenses so far.

We love active learning!

Indoor Active Maths!

Romans Wow Day

We had a fantastic Wow Day to start our 'Romans' topic for this half term.


The children started the day by looking at Roman mosaic patterns and then made their own mosaic. We were very impressed with how creative the children were.


We then spent time making our very own Roman headdress and a Roman soldier's shield, once again the children worked really hard on both of these activities and as you can see from the pictures below these looked fantastic.  

Our Topic Double Page Spreads


We were very impressed with the learning that has taken place during our topic lessons this half term. Have a look at some of our double page spreads to find out all about our 'Flashes and Bangs' topic. 

We have had a busy half term in Year 4! Here are a couple of quotes from pupils about their highlights of the term so far


'We found some mysterious things on the bank like metal tubes and lots of other things. I like how we re wrote the ‘Iron Man’ because it was really fun changing it around. We also made an Iron Man model out of boxes. In Spanish we learnt how to write a description of a monster.'

Class 10

'This wonderful half term has been brilliant! We have learnt and read about someone called The Iron Man. We even made him out of boxes and made circuits! We have experienced how to make a bulb light up with just batteries, wires and a bulb.'

We have also been learning to play the guitar and we are really enjoying our lessons.

Class 9

Building The Iron Man

Year 4 had a great morning using recycled material to make their very own Iron Man. The children worked in small groups to design and then make their very Iron Man model. We were really impressed with how well the children worked together and how creative they were. 


World Mental Health Day


Today, Friday 8th October, we have raised awareness of World Mental Health Day by having a dress down day. We have created posters about the '5 Ways to Wellbeing' and enjoyed taking part in yoga. 

The Iron Man

Building Electrical Circuits

This week we have been continuing our work on FLASHES AND BANGS (light and sound!)


We went outside to investigate what happens to different kinds of sound the further we move away from them. We counted our steps to see when we could stop hearing our teacher bang a drum, play the triangle, clap and whisper. We discussed why the sound got quieter and found out that it was because the sound waves lose energy the further they spread from the source so they make smaller vibrations.


As part of our topic on light, we got to make electrical circuits. The children loved investigating how electricity travels and how to make the bulb light up: 


We had lots of fun discovering that sound is made through vibrations. We used a drum and some rice to demonstrate this. We also discussed that the vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to our ear. 


We had a brilliant Wow Day to start our 'Flashes and Bangs' topic for the autumn term.

The children made their own harmonica and learnt to play this, they were very tuneful.  They then designed and made an instrument using recycled materials, we had a range of different instruments such as guitars, drums and even a piano! This started to get the children thinking about how sound is made and how it travels.

We had a great day and can't wait to learn all about sound and electricity over the coming weeks!

'Someone Builds The Dream'

We have really enjoyed reading the book 'Someone Builds The Dream' by Lisa Wheeler and Loren Long. We have taken part in lots of exciting activities based on the themes of the book including, building towers made out of spaghetti, making dream catchers from natural resources and painting the Eiffel Tower. We have also written our own poems called 'OBS Builds The Dream'.