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Meet the team:
Class 9 teacher - Miss Crosby, Class 10 teacher - Mr Ross
Your child will have reading, writing and afternoon topic lessons with their class teacher but will be streamed for Maths therefore they may visit the partner class for these lessons. 
Picture 1 Miss Crosby Class 9 teacher
Picture 2 Mr Ross class 10 teacher
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Take a look at our plans for the year below.

What's cooking?

As part of our design and technology work this year, Year 4 designed, created and cooked their own pitta bread pizzas. They also designed some packaging and made a mini pizza box prototype. Here are some photographs of the children showing of their skills and delicious creations - some of them were even brave enough to try an Olive.

Roman WOW Day


This week year 4 had their Roman WOW day where we officially introduced our new topic on the Romans. As part of the day, we designed and made some mosaics of our own. I am sure the Romans would have been very impressed by the craftmanship shown!


Rampaging Romans! 


Our topic for the second half of the Autumn term is all about the Roman Empire as well as its impact on Britain. We will be looking at how the empire expanded, the awesome Roman army, Roman roads, the 3 Roman invasions of Britain, life in Roman Britain, Boudica's rebellion and much more! Take a look at our knowledge organiser to get a head start!


Carpe Diem



Year 4 had an amazing day building the robots they designed in class with parents and carers.  The amount of creativity unleashed was incredible with all sorts of designs being made WITH working circuits inside then! The day really brought our topic alive and many thanks to all the adults who attended as well as all who sent in materials we could use. After the skill and creativity shown, I think we definitely have some future engineers and electricians on our hands! 


See you at the next one!

We explored Pitch and how to change the pitch on a string instrument. We also created a water Xylophone, investigating how to change the pitch a glass jar makes using water.

The children were challenged to be electrician and chose some equipment to use to try and make a lightbulb light up. It was fantastic to see some real life 'lightbulb moments' During Thursday's lesson the children created a simple circuit and explored which materials were conductors and which were insulators.

The secret is out.. our topic is ..................FLASHES AND BANGS!
This half term our topic is going to be 'Flashes and Bangs' we are going to be learning all about electricity, light and sound. As learners, Year 4 are going to experiment with sound and circuits by being both musicians and electricians! It is only the third day back but lots of the children can talk about pitch, that sounds are made from vibrations, describe an electrical circuit and test to see if materials are insulators or conductors. We are so impressed. Have a look at some photographs of our super science investigations below. 

Autumn Term 1 2019

Welcome to Year 4's web page for the 2019-2020 academic year. 


Have a look at the clues below about our new topic... What could it possibly be? 


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