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Year 4


2020 2021


End of Year Topic Quiz

On Monday, the children took part in an end of year topic quiz, answering a range of questions about the various topics that we have covered this year such as The Vikings, Spain and the human digestive system.

Well done to Lainey and Teikaiyah who won the competition and are the proud owners of the Year 4 Topic Quiz trophy! 


Achievement Assembly

On Monday morning we were able to celebrate what a great term the children in Year 4 have had. It was great to see how many proud points the children have collected this year, a great reward for their efforts.

A special mention goes to the 4 children who got their Ruby Award, this meant that they had collected an astonishing 500 proud points this year. Well done!

Sports Day 2021

We have a great Sports day on Friday, all of the children enjoyed taking part in the races and there were lots of great performances. Well done everyone!

Our new topic is:

Teeth to toilet! 

The children will learn all about teeth and the digestive system.

Summer 2 - Teeth to Toilet Knowledge Organiser

Outdoor Maths - Statistics, making human bar charts and Venn diagrams!

Digestion experiment!

Learning the guitars in music...

Read all about new topic on Spain in our knowledge organiser...

Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser 'SPAIN'



Huge congratulations to Caleb in Y4, who in this mornings PROUD ACHIEVEMENT ASSEMBLY,  was announced by Mrs Tee (Head of Y3 & Y4) as the ALWAYS child for this term.


This morning (24.5.21.) we had our end of term (postponed from Easter) PROUD Achievement Assembly for Y4!


It was fantastic to see so many children been acknowledged and celebrated for their achievements and the number of PROUD POINTS they have collect since September.

Any pupil receiving their:


BRONZE Certificate and Badge has achieved 100+ PROUD POINTS 

SILVER Certificate and Badge has achieved 200+ PROUD POINTS 

GOLD Certificate and Badge has achieved 300+ PROUD POINTS 

PLATINUM Certificate and Badge has achieved 400+ PROUD POINTS


Each pupil to have their moment to shine and the behaviour throughout was excellent!


We look forward to our final PROUD ACHIEVEMENT ASSEMBLY, at the end of the academic year in July to see who in the next 8 school weeks can extend their achievements and certifcates even further! Will anyone get to the famous OBS Ruby Award - meaning 500+ PROUD POINTS has been achieved!


Who or what has paid us a visit in the night? The children have been full of wonderful ideas! Some children were even disturbed in the night by a peculiar sound or even lucky enough to spot the mysterious creature from their bedroom windows!


Dear Y4 Parents and Carers,

We cannot wait to have all of the children back in Year 4, we have really missed you all.   


Our new topic is called ‘Vicious Vikings’. During this topic we will be learning about the Vikings, their daily lives and the invasions that they undertook.


We are aiming to return to our regular routines.  Here is a reminder as it has been a long time since we were all together in class.

1. PE uniforms to be worn on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY.  Please refer to our school website. https://www.oldbasfordschool.co.uk/uniform-information/


2. If you have not already been doing so, please record home reading at least 3x a week.  We will return to our reading Rainbow reward scheme and rewarding children with proud points. Diary checks will take place each Monday. The first will be on Monday 15th March.


3. Spelling Shed will be updated weekly for you to use at home, logins can be found in reading diaries. 


4. Times tables rock stars logins can also be found in diaries.


5. Children need their own named drinks bottle, which again, needs to be taken home at the end of each day.


6. As before, children need to bring only the essentials to school:  themselves, book, diary, lunch, break-time snack and a drink bottle. 


7. Classrooms can get cold as we keep windows open for ventilation so please ensure that not only does your child have their school jumper but another layer to wear under their school jumper.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The Year 4 Team – Mr Hill, Mrs Tindsley, Mrs Heywood, Mrs Tee, Mrs Finn & Miss Williams


Wow! What a fantastic day we have had celebrating WBD both at school and home. We've made our own superhero characters, designed and made superhero capes, and made reading dens to hide in while we read our favourite books. 

#OldBasfordsuperhero #WDB21

Autumn Term Overview

The attached document gives an overview of our numeracy and literacy work for the Autumn term. It also includes information on our topic work for this term, including our big question and a glossary of the key terms we will be teaching the children. We hope you find this useful.

Year 4 Autumn Term Overview


A huge congratulations to Vicky, Mrs Tee ( Assistant Head and Year 3&4 Leader) has awarded Vicky this prestigious award for her many attributes, quiet, attentive and excellent approach to all aspects of school life here at OBS! OUTSTANDING!



A huge well done to all of the following children who have achieved this term over 100 Proud Points, meaning they have been awarded their OBS Bronze Badge and Certificate for Year 4! We even had 1 child in Class 10 receive their Silver PROUD Award - meaning they have achieved over 200 PROUD points in the last 14 weeks!

We know lots of the children were very close, and we are certain will achieve this award early in to the Spring Term.

We are very PROUD of you!


Year 4 Pupil Leaders

Well done to the following children who have been elected as class representatives.


School Council

Liwia (Class 9)

Caleb (Class 9)

Carol (Class 10)

Vicky ( Class 10)


Eco Council

Tijan (Class 9)

Pia (Class 9)

Kasim (Class 10)


Spanish Ambassadors

Elinor (Class 9)

Kai (Class 9)

Nyah (Class 10)

Robin (Class 10)

Anti-Bullying Week

As part of national Anti-Bullying Week, Year 4 have been thinking about the different roles that are played by different people in a bullying situation. We used the cartoon to help us understand that it's not always as simple as a 'bully' and a 'target'. There are often many others involved.

The ringleader – Starting and leading the bullying but not always the person ‘doing’ the bullying.

The target - The person who is being bullied.

Assistant(s) - Actively involved in ‘doing’ the bullying.

Reinforcer(s) - Supports the bullying, might laugh or encourage other people to carry on what is going on.

Defender(s) - Stands up for someone being bullied. Knows
that bullying is wrong and feels confident enough to do something
about it. This might involve talking to an adult in school.

Outsider(s) - Ignores any bullying and doesn’t want to get involved.


We thought about the roles we might play and what we could do differently to help.

Poetry Week

This week Year 4 have been writing their own poems based around the image of the night sky and thinking what else this image could represent. They came up with lots of ideas and wrote two contrasting verses about the sky. One verse created a peaceful image and the other created a more menacing feel. Finally, the children picked their favourite line from their poetry and added actions to it.

You can see the amazing performances below, we hope you enjoy watching them as much as the children enjoyed performing them.

Class 10 Poetry

Still image for this video


Year 4 have been learning about sound in Science, and have been doing lots of investigations outside.

We took a Sound Walk around OBS to identify different sounds, thinking about what was vibrating, and how those vibrations were travelling through different materials to our ears.


We also investigated how far a sound travels by counting our steps as we moved away from a sound source until we could no longer hear it. Our ears were surprisingly good at hearing sounds at a great distance.

Enjoy some more sound games and challenges https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zgffr82/articles/zstr2nb




The children have enjoyed learning about Lewis Latimer - An incredible man, who came from a humble background to achieve so much.


His parents, who had escaped slavery, had little money and could only send their children to school for a couple of years, however it was enough to spark an interest in the arts for Latimer. After serving in the navy, he worked his way up from an office boy to expert draftsman while teaching himself mechanical drawing. Latimer went on to become chief draftsman and eventually design the carbon filament in incandescent light bulbs. He was also intrinsic to the work of Alexander Graham Bell in his telephone design and later Thomas Edison. Without his expertise in drawing and helping them to get achieve their patents, they may not have had the fame they still hold in the world today.


To learn more about Lewis Latimer:



The children have used IT to research Latimer, have created light bulb circuits in science and designed and carried out their own experiments as well as creating their own 'Lewis Latimer' 3D fact file.




Well done to Grace who was our Y4 Winner of the Reading Rainbow 'GREEN' Certificate design! Mrs Whitehead, our literacy lead, was blown away by Grace's beautiful design!



Today we started our new topic topic with a bang!

The children explored how vibrations are used to create sound using cup telephones, bottle xylophones and the guitar. They also loved creating their own lollipop stick harmonicas and discussing how the sound is created and how they can change the pitch.


Our colour project:

We have had a lot of fun over the last two weeks basing our colour theme projects on these fabulous stories:

The children have created their own wonderful colour monsters and spent time thinking about their different emotions and which colours may represent different feelings. 


They have also created their own patch work pieces to tell their own story or represent things that are special to them. Again thinking about the impact of the colours they are using in their art.


Finally they have written some fabulous letters of complaint in the style of the 'The day the crayons quit'. The children loved watching this version of the wonderful book:


Reading at home - Our new 'Rainbow Reading' reward scheme

Please watch this video to find out more about our new 'Reading Rainbow' reward scheme:




We can't wait to see you all again and share the fun things we have planned for this term!

Like the rest of the school, we have some amazing work planned on the theme of COLOUR.After that, our topic will be Flashes and Bangs - linked to our Literacy book 'The Iron Man.'



Tuesday - Outdoor PE - PE uniform required

Wednesday - Indoor PE - PE uniform required



Children need to read at least 3 times a week with an adult. Diaries will be checked on a Monday for the previous week.


Meet the team:
Class 9 teacher - Mr Hill, 
Class 10 teachers - Mrs Tindsley & Mrs Heywood
Your child will have reading, writing and afternoon topic lessons with their class teacher but will be streamed for Maths therefore they may visit the partner class for these lessons. 

OuMemorieto treasure from


World Maths Day and World Book Day


As part of world book day and world maths day, the children dressed up as (TT) rock stars and brought in their favourite books to share.

In year 4's case, it was to share their books with year 2 and it was lovely to see the two year groups read together. Take a look at some pictures below! 


As part of our P6P network, we have hosted our 4th Science fair in KS2 this year.  We were lucky enough to have the University of Nottingham, Basford Hall College and a founder of the charity Ignite at our science fair. Year 4 took part in 3 different activities about sound including using confusaphones, special waterproof speakers and a lot of fun with slinkies! The afternoon was really enjoyable with all of the children learning new facts about vibrations and sound waves. We then offered a drop in for our year 4 parents after school where we were really pleased to see lots of families sharing the interesting things they had learned.

Viva España

We kicked off our new topic Viva Espana with a WOW day. We looked at the work of the artist Pablo Picasso and also had a go at making a Spanish Omlette which we were then able to taste, it was really delicious . We've had such a fun day and are looking forward to learning more about Spain and Spanish Culture. 

The Merchant of Venice


The first week back after half term was an exciting one! We had Shakespeare week in which Year 4 looked at his famous play, the Merchant of Venice. We did a variety of activities linked to the play including acting out parts of the play, artwork based on Shylock, writing a diary as some of the characters and much more! Needless to say, the children knew the play inside out by the end of the week! Take a look at some of the photos below of the year 4's practising their drama!


'All that glisters is not gold'

(Morocco, Act 2 Scene 7)



The Viking Age is over!


With the end of our exciting invaders and settlers topic, we will be moving onto a new topic next term after a week-long siesta. We can't tell you what it is now, but here is a big clue...

 Creative Homework


As usual, year 4 have really impressed with their creative homework projects. We have had all sorts of pieces come back including Viking bread, cakes, fact files, models, paintings, IT presentations and many more! Take a look at some of the projects below. Well done year 4! 

Reading with Year 1


As part of our topic this term, year 4 made some amazing fact files about the Vikings. Those fact files were put to use when they shared them with the year 1's. It was lovely to see the year 4's teaching the younger children about their topic and hearing the year 1's writing in return. They are already looking forward to the next piece of writing to share!  

Anglo-Saxon Settlements


Today we had a look at what Anglo-Saxon settlements had in them. We also learnt about the different jobs people would have had as well as how they lived. If year 4 had the choice... most would not have chosen to live in one (especially after explaining there was no internet back then!) After that, we had a go at designing our own Anglo-Saxon settlements. 

The Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings have arrived

We had a WOW day to re-create some Viking and Anglo-Saxon inspired artefacts We designed and made Viking shields, made broaches and necklaces and had a go at writing out own names in Viking runes. 


Invaders and Settlers

It's 410AD the Roman army have left Britannia to help protect their empire and Rome who are under attack. We've now got no protection.. who's coming to invade and settle next?

Take a look at our plans for the year below.

Topic Quiz



At the end of the term, year 4 had a very competitive topic quiz to find out who knew the most about our topics so far this year. It wasn't easy as the questions weren't just based on the Romans but ALL of the topics we have looked at. The winner in class 10 was Amy and class 9's joint winners were Eleanor and Jasmine. Well done! Will they be able to retain their title or will someone else become champion when we do it again in the spring term?


Labor omnia vincit

Roman Creative Homework


Like with our previous topic, we have had all sorts of AMAZING creative homework returned to us ranging from pictures to delicious Roman cakes! Take a look at some of the incredible work below.


luceat lux vestra

Building Roman Aqueducts


In DT, year 4 had a go at building aqueducts. All they had at the start was a list of objectives and some materials they could use. The results were amazing, with ALL of the aqueducts fulfilling the design criteria! This success was down to both the excellent teamwork and creativity of all groups. The Romans would have been proud, well done!


Aqua vitae

Roman Day


We were very lucky to have a real archaeologist come in and work with us all day. We looked at a variety of amazing Roman artefacts (lots of them being REAL!) including pottery, coins, jewellery, weapons, armour and many more! It was such a fantastic day. The amount of knowledge we have learnt about the Romans both during the term and today is incredible with the children's love of the topic being obvious! 


sapientia et doctrina

What's cooking?

As part of our design and technology work this year, Year 4 designed, created and cooked their own pitta bread pizzas. They also designed some packaging and made a mini pizza box prototype. Here are some photographs of the children showing of their skills and delicious creations - some of them were even brave enough to try an Olive.

Roman WOW Day


This week year 4 had their Roman WOW day where we officially introduced our new topic on the Romans. As part of the day, we designed and made some mosaics of our own. I am sure the Romans would have been very impressed by the craftmanship shown!


Rampaging Romans! 


Our topic for the second half of the Autumn term is all about the Roman Empire as well as its impact on Britain. We will be looking at how the empire expanded, the awesome Roman army, Roman roads, the 3 Roman invasions of Britain, life in Roman Britain, Boudica's rebellion and much more! Take a look at our knowledge organiser to get a head start!


Carpe Diem



Year 4 had an amazing day building the robots they designed in class with parents and carers.  The amount of creativity unleashed was incredible with all sorts of designs being made WITH working circuits inside then! The day really brought our topic alive and many thanks to all the adults who attended as well as all who sent in materials we could use. After the skill and creativity shown, I think we definitely have some future engineers and electricians on our hands! 


See you at the next one!

We explored Pitch and how to change the pitch on a string instrument. We also created a water Xylophone, investigating how to change the pitch a glass jar makes using water.

The children were challenged to be electrician and chose some equipment to use to try and make a lightbulb light up. It was fantastic to see some real life 'lightbulb moments' During Thursday's lesson the children created a simple circuit and explored which materials were conductors and which were insulators.

The secret is out.. our topic is ..................FLASHES AND BANGS!
This half term our topic is going to be 'Flashes and Bangs' we are going to be learning all about electricity, light and sound. As learners, Year 4 are going to experiment with sound and circuits by being both musicians and electricians! It is only the third day back but lots of the children can talk about pitch, that sounds are made from vibrations, describe an electrical circuit and test to see if materials are insulators or conductors. We are so impressed. Have a look at some photographs of our super science investigations below. 

Autumn Term 1 2019

Welcome to Year 4's web page for the 2019-2020 academic year. 


Have a look at the clues below about our new topic... What could it possibly be?