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Year 5

Year 5


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Important Information

Monday and Friday -PE (please wear you PE uniform)

Monday -Diaries collected in





Week beginning 10th January


As part of our 'Save Our Planet ' topic , we have been learning about Greta Thunberg.

We worked in groups to research important questions about Greta. Did you know that she was inspired by the bravery of Rosa Parks ? Here are a couple of mind maps that we created.

Save our Planet - WOW DAY!


We finished our first week back with our WOW day to introduce this half term's new topic. The main activity of the day was to design, make and test energy efficient vehicles. The children were told they were in 1972 and we had ran out of fuel - they had to decide how they were going to make their vehicle move without fuel. The children had a great time and enjoyed testing their designs down the 'runway'. 

We burnt off some steam at the end of the day with a whole year dodgeball tournament. 

First week back: First Aid


This week we have completed some First Aid training by St Johns Ambulance. We looked at how to effectively call for help in an emergency and how to support an asthma attack.

The children had fun role playing their learning and we have began to create a poster displaying the information which we will finish next week.

Last day of term


We have had lots of fun this week as we celebrated the end of term. To end the term with a bang, we had a Christmas party where we did lots of dancing and played games, made Christmas cards and watched the Year 6 versus teachers football match.


Well done for a fabulous first term year 5 and we will see you in the new year.


The year 5 team:)



Showcasing our learning about space


At the end of each half term we create a double page spread which presents all of the information we have learnt throughout our topic.

Take a look at some fantastic double pages from class 12 - I'm sure you can agree that how much they learnt is very impressive!


End of term assembly


It was lovely to come together as a year group and with grown ups to celebrate the end of a very successful first term in year 5.

We sang songs, read poems and recipes and gave out Bronze (and even some Silver) certificates and badges.





We have graduated!


Today, year 5 graduated from DARE which they have been participating in for the last term. They have learnt lots of different life skills which we hope they will carry forward with them.


Well done year 5!

Highlights of the week - 29.11.26


This week we have been learning to write newspaper reports about the moon landing.  We then thought about writing our own about a landing on Mars.

We learned about the Holy Trinity and had a visit from Lydia Corbett who is the Vicar at St Leo's church. We learned about the Holy Trinity representing the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.


A special well done to...


I want to give a special well done to those who have caught my eye this week for being even more amazing than usual!

I have been picking students who have stood out during different lessons.

Here is a look at this weeks award winners.

I have included notes home in diaries for grown ups to see what they are being awarded for.


Keep up the good work everyone and I'm sure I'll be giving out lots more awards and notes next week:)


Miss Lawrence



WB 26/11/2021


We have just completed another fantastic week in year 5! Take a look at what we have been up to this week...


Some of the highlights of the week include 

- Creating an Earth rotation model in science.

- Exploring Google Earth. The children had fun looking at the local area and further afield in different countries.

- Working hard together in teams to research famous people in History who are linked to our space topic.


WB 15.11.21 - Anti-Bullying Week


Year 5 have been working really hard this week, as it is assessment week. In-between our assessments, we have been learning lots about 'Space', including: Lines of latitude and longitude and the phases of the moon. In addition, they explored a wonderful app in ICT called 'Sky View' where they observed our location in relation to stars, planets and constellations. It has also been Anti-Bullying Week, so we have explored 'Being Kind' and the impact this has on others. We have looked at how we can deal with situations kindly and how being positive towards others can be so rewarding. 

The week has ended with Children in Need! We did several activities including drawing our own Pudsey Bear's and designing bandanas.

We were lucky enough to work with year 2 again to finish our space buggies. Both years worked fantastically together and the results were great!




Take a look at our  music lesson in year 5! We looked at a new song 'The Sparkle in My Life', practiced finding the pulse and copying beats. We also worked on our facial movements and used the glockenspiels to learn some new rhythms. Have a little look for yourself:

WB 8.11.21


This week is 'Maths Week'. The children have been learning all about the use of Maths in every day life. They have also really enjoyed taking part in some active maths lessons. Also this week, we have been learning more about Space, including the order of the planets and the phases of the moon. We also completed our lovely Peter Thorpe inspired art work, take a look at some of the photos below.

First week of the Autumn 2 term!


We have had a super busy and exciting week in year 5, starting our new 'space' topic. 

We started the week designing and creating space buggies with year 2.

Some other highlights of our week have been: sensory spelling, programming in computing, and creating Peter Thorpe inspired art using paint and oil pastels.



Final lesson of term!


On the last day of term, year 5 got to showcase all of their learning about Goose Fair through a double page spread. 

The children were able to box up different key ideas and decorate their pages beautifully.

We were so impressed with how much they had remembered and how much pride they took with their presentation.

What a great end to our Goose Fair topic!


Week Beginning Monday 4th October

This week, we have been enjoying lots of art work. We created observational drawings of photos of the Goose Fair. We also created our own zoom finders to help the children focus on specific areas of the fair. To finish, we used the technique of pointillism to paint the drawings. Take a look below. In writing, we have been innovating the story of 'The Caravan', changing our setting to a fairground. Have a read of some of the creative stories below.

Acting out the goose fair!

This week we spent time looking out how the Goose Fair has changed over the years and then made freeze frames and acted in groups to show the key features.


Our Goose Fair


Today was our WOW day to introduce our exciting new topic. We started off with fairground food treats and then the children designed their own fairground rides and created their own structures. Take a look below at some of the wonderful creations!

Someone Builds a Dream

For the first week and a half back at school, children have been completing activities based around the book 'Someone Builds a Dream'. They have enjoyed lots of team building and setting their goals/dreams and hopes for the future. We have especially enjoyed working as a 'Dream Team'. They have taken part in lots of art, DT, writing, PE and much researching in IT. Please take a look at our photos below to get a taste of what they have been up to!

The Squashed Tomato challenge


Children worked in teams to create a miniature model of a tomato carrier that could help the people of Nepal transport their tomatoes down the hillside. Safe to say, they had lots of fun and enjoyed being designers and engineers.

Welcome to Year 5!

We cannot wait to welcome you into Year 5 and get started with some exciting learning. We have so many wonderful topics planned this year, starting with 'The Goose Fair', followed by 'Space', 'Energy and Forces', 'Ancient Greece', 'Save our Planet' and 'The Circle of Life'