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Monday and Thursday -PE (please wear your PE uniform)

Monday -Diaries collected in


Take a look at what we will be learning this half term. Follow the links below: 





Home learning links


Here are the links to some of the useful documents we sent home to you at the start of the week to help support any home learning you wish to do (excluding spelling packs and website links). 


WB 27th - Mammal life cycle spinners


Year 5 have started to look at the life cycles of different animals. This week's focus was mammals. The children learnt the characteristics of a mammal and the 5 main stages of their life cycle. They then picked their own mammal to create a life cycle spinner on. They labelled the stage, explained what happens during that stage and added a matching picture. Take a look!

WB 27th - Drama 


During writing this week, we focused on using tone of voice, body language, facial expressions and actions to portray characters feelings.

Take a look at year 5 in action!


WB 20th June - RE 


This week the children looked at the 5 pillars of Islam. They worked in groups to research and produce a sugar paper poster on one of the 5 pillars and fed their new knowledge back to the class.

They worked excellently together and it was clear that they took away some great new learning!


WB 20th June - Tennis coach 


Year 5 are lucky enough to have an outside tennis coach come for 4 weeks. 

They have had lots of fun being outdoors in the nice weather and improving their tennis skills.

WB 13th June - WOW day!

Year 5 started their new topic 'Circle of Life' with an art day, creating a piece of work inspired by J.M.W Turner. They used a variety of techniques and medias, including: watercolour, wax crayons, pencil sketching and felt tip.

We also went on a nature walk with Ipads to take photos of insects and plants around school to help inspire our sketches.

Take a look at our fantastic outcomes!

WB 13th June - WALESBY!


This week year 5 went on their overnight residential trip to Walesby. 

The children were an absolute pleasure to take and behaved really well as well as getting involved in all that was offered to them.

The children got to take part in 4 main activities during their visit: the climbing wall, archery, night line and team building.

They also had plenty of free time to enjoy playing in the outdoors, hosting a talent show and of course visit the on site shop.


Well done year 5 - we hope you enjoyed yourselves!



WB 6th May - Shakespeare week 


This week we have had the whole school them of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream, take a look at everything we have been up to below:


Year 5 were lucky enough to be visited by Jane Stockley, who did an art workshop with the children. They looked at the effects of props on stage and then created there very own paper bag donkey heads in line with the character Bottom from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

The children got very creative and we had some lovely outcomes - take a look!

Year 5 have had their drama hats on this week as they rose to the challenge of acting out different woodland settings. The children looked at 2 contrasting descriptions of a woodland setting in A Midsummer Night's Dream, discussing the language which helps portray either a calm or sinister setting and then worked in groups to act these out. The children had fun guessing each others settings and what part each child was acting out.



We went out with Ipads to take pictures of different trees, leaves and plants we could find around school. We took photos from different angles and distances to see the difference it would make.

We came back and observed our photos closely and identified different trees and plants we found. We then adapted the photos using the ipads to edit them to make them more sinister looking or happy. 

Silhouette woodland art


Year 5 have been working hard to create some fantastic silhouette art this week. We started by using watercolour paints and blending to create an effective background. Then, we sketched and cut out different woodland silhouettes to layer onto our paper. The outcomes were very effective!

We have also been doing a lot of work on the characters and setting, Take a look below:

WB 23rd May -Double page spreads


Take a look at some of our wonderful double page spreads that summarise our learning in topic from this half term. Well done Year 5!

Biomes Creative Homework

Take a look at some of the creative homework projects that have come in for our 'Curious about Climate' topic. The biomes are just simply beautiful, well done Year 5!

WB 16th May - Ocean clean up machine 


This week year 5 have designed and made their own 'ocean clean up machine' after discussing the impacts of plastic pollution in our oceans. The children are so passionate about the topic and they loved the process of designing and making!

WB 16th May - Biome Apps!


Year 5 have spent this half term researching and learning about the 6 main biomes on Earth. They have been really enthusiastic throughout and have absorbed the information like sponges! We decided to reflect all of our learning in one 'showcase' piece where they made apps for each biome, designed a cover and gave a short summary of information for each. They really enjoyed watching their phones come together and they came out brilliantly. Take a look at a small selection.

WB 9th May - RE - Religious buildings

In RE, we have been learning all about different religious buildings, symbols and artefacts. Today we explored what it is like inside a mosque and synagogue. The children even recreated some of the buildings using their bodies. At the end we asked the question: How do these buildings help people of their faith express their spiritual ideas? Take a look at some of our ideas.

WB 2nd May - OBS Doodle Wall


Year 5 went to visit the Doodle wall today. We spoke about places we could recognise and have been and what our favourite parts were.

Some children got to draw on the wall for themselves and came up to show us their part.

What an amazing addition to our school!

WB 2nd May - Science investigation


Following on from last weeks learning about solids, liquids and gases, this week we investigated which materials would dissolve. We spoke about reversible and irreversible changes and the differences between soluble and insoluble materials.

We made predictions, decided how to keep the test fair, carried out the investigation and gathered results based on observations.

The children were full of great scientific reasoning and knowledge!

WB 2nd May - Smok the Dragon Freeze Frames


In writing, we used drama to think about characters mood and feeling. We made freeze frames to represent different parts of the story for our classmates to guess. We really thought about how our body language and facial expressions would convey our emotions and how we would be feeling at different points.

The Cobbler of Krakow and Smok the Dragon. Take a look at the children retelling the story of Smok, soon they will be recreating their own version.

Still image for this video

WB 25th May - Biome Research


We have been working hard to start researching the climate, animals and plants found at different biomes around the world. 

We worked in teams to become an 'expert' in an area and create a poster displaying all of the information we have learnt.

We then worked our way around each groups posters to 'magpie' facts for our research grid.

The children all worked amazingly together and clearly learnt a lot from one another, well done!

WB 25th April - Daemon Art


Over the past week, we have been working hard to create our own piece of art work inspired by our shared reading text 'Northern Lights'. The children had to first use their observational and sketching skills to create a self portrait and then later researched what animal they felt they were most like. When they had decided, they used water colour paints to create their animal or 'daemon' and finally assembled all their pieces together.



  A huge well done to Kasim, Carol, Finley, Lainey, Ruby, Vicky, Grace, Dominica, Pia and Eleanor (all member of drama club) who this afternoon represented OBS at the Council House. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!

These children did on-going presentations to an audience of over 150 people sharing with them our creativity as a school through DRAMA, especially our Royal Shakespeare Company techniques!

We could not be more PROUD of you! 


Today has been our introduction to our new topic 'Curious About Climate'. We had a visit from a real-life explorer and learnt all about the Polar Regions. The children learnt about what it takes to be an explorer and what you may find on an expedition. They were also introduced to biomes and different polar animals. We even had a go at some team building activities! Safe to say, a fun day was had by all.

WB 18th April - Ancient Greece Double Page Spreads


We always like to end the half term with a chance for the children to showcase their learning on the most recent topic. This week the children have been working on their double page spreads on Ancient Greece and they were too good not to share! It's clear how engaged the children have been in this terms topic and it's a delight to see.

Take a look at work by Archie, Danny, Jude, Riley, Nico, Marcel Nyah and Vicky.

WB 18th April - Spring 2 PROUD assembly


It was lovely to celebrate what a successful term we have had with year 5. It was a pleasure to hear the children share some of their learning and reward children with the certificates which have been so thoroughly deserved.

Thank you to all of those who attended to celebrate with us and if you couldn't make it, have a little look!

WB 11th April - Outdoor Maths

We have been using the outdoors for some of our Maths today. The children really enjoyed making our own place value grid to recognise thousandths. Take a look at the photos below.

WB 21st March - Parent Workshop - Shared Reading

Thank you to all those parents who came to our parent workshop today. We had a lovely session. For any parents who couldn't make it, we have sent home some key questions that you can ask your children when reading with them at home. Take a look at our photos below to see what we got up to.

WB 14th March - World Maths Day 2022

WB 14th March - A sunny tennis lesson


We were lucky enough to have our PE lesson in the sun this week! Take a look at some of our tennis skills in action.

WB 14th March - Greek pots


This week we finished our Greek pots by painting them with metallic paints. The children got to pick which colours they wanted to use and we love the outcome!

WB 14th March - GREAT


Year 5 have been busy continuing to learn about healthy relationships this week. Take a look at some fantastic posters we made about domestic abuse.

WB 14th March - Comic Relief 2022

WB 14th March - Ellis Week 3

Year 5 completed another successful afternoon at Ellis Guilford. Have a look at some photos from this week's session.

WB 7th March - GREAT Project


Today, year 5 started the GREAT project. Our first session looked at what makes healthy, happy relationships. The children enjoyed learning the qualities of a healthy relationships and created some fabulous work throughout (some even performed the songs they had made!)



WB 7th March - Ellis Week 2


Year 5 completed another successful afternoon at Ellis Guilford. Have a look at some photos from this week's session.

WB 7th March - Ancient Greek Pottery

We have been learning all abut ancient Greek pottery. We had a go at designing our own. Take a look at some of our shining examples!

WB 28th February - World Book Day


Today, children came into school in comfy clothes as we celebrated World Book Day. We have been really busy in year 5 completing lots of fun activities. Some highlights of our day have been: drama (hot seating, conscience ally and freeze frames all about Theseus and the Minotaur), creating bookmarks, showcasing our favourite books and creating comic strips.


WB 28th February - Athens Vs Sparta

We have been debating today, where would we rather live in Ancient Greek times, Athens or Sparta? After researching democracy in Ancient Greece (and comparing it the the Uk today), the children had a debate about where they would live, Athens or Sparta? We created our very own House of Commons! The children were very passionate with their arguments! Take a look at them in action and the lovely posters they produced.

WB 28th February - Life at Ellis Guilford

Today, we went on our first transition visit to secondary school. We had a visit to Ellis Guilford to get a real taste of life as an older child. They took part in some PE and then split into groups for either MFL, Science or Food Technology. This will continue for 9 weeks. Take a look at the photos from our first visit.

WB 21st February - Dragon Art


This week we have been creating some fantastic dragon artwork. We began by practising our sketching and mark making skills and then moved onto creating our final pieces. The children had creative freedom over the background and media they chose to use to create their final piece and they turned out amazing! Take a look at a selection of some of their creations.






Class 11, beware of the dragons!

WB 21st February - Wow day - Welcome to Ancient Greece!

As part of our wow day today, we have designed, made, evaluated and promoted our very own Greek inspired pitta sandwiches. Take a look below at the children in action!

Hello to all of Year 5, parents and carers!

I just wanted to say hello! It's lovely to be back and the children have been an absolute delight today. We have had a lovely introductory day to our new topic 'Ancient Greece'. The children have been making some wonderful pittas. Take a look at the photos above. I have also chosen a group of children wo have particularly worked hard today (see below). Thank you Class 11!

Mrs Whitehead

Protesting for change!


To round off our fantastic Save Our Planet topic, we were inspired by Greta to design and create placards which we would use in a protest against climate change.

Parent workshop!


We will be running a parent workshop on the 25th March 9-9:45 to help you in supporting your child's learning at home.

Please feel free it attend if you are able to.

Week beginning 7th February

Year 5 have shown  great resilience in completing their assessments this week. We have also taken time to reflect for 'children's mental health week' and we have discussed the ways we can improve our mental health. On Tuesday 8th February we celebrated 'safer internet day' and designed posters to be kind online. Well done to those children who have completed their half term creative homework. We have been so impressed by your hard work and creativity!

Week beginning 31st January 


We have started assessment week this week, but alongside this we have still been having plenty of fun! Some highlights include our friction investigation where we tested how different materials effected the distance a vehicle travels and using the Comic Life app on the Ipad to create a poster displaying all of our learning from this half terms topic.

Save our planet posters!

We have been working hard to create posters which represent the impact of climate change and why we should save our planet. Take a look at some of our designs!

A big well done to all of the Year 5 children who successfully completed the 'Bikeability 'course last week. As well as having great cycling skills, the instructors also commented on their good behaviour and polite manners. We are very PROUD of you!

Week beginning 17th January 


This week we have completed 2 different science experiments focusing on air resistance. First, we did a propeller investigation where we compared the speed of a falling propeller based on the length of its wings. Second, we made parachutes (some with holes and some without) and compared their falling speed outside on the playground.

We have also spent some time on TTRS to master our times tables, looked at different energy sources on Google Earth and made zigzag books on Martin Luther King Jr in RE.


What a busy week!

Well done year 5.

Week beginning 10th January


As part of our 'Save Our Planet ' topic , we have been learning about Greta Thunberg.

We worked in groups to research important questions about Greta. Did you know that she was inspired by the bravery of Rosa Parks ? Here are a couple of mind maps that we created.

Save our Planet - WOW DAY!


We finished our first week back with our WOW day to introduce this half term's new topic. The main activity of the day was to design, make and test energy efficient vehicles. The children were told they were in 1972 and we had ran out of fuel - they had to decide how they were going to make their vehicle move without fuel. The children had a great time and enjoyed testing their designs down the 'runway'. 

We burnt off some steam at the end of the day with a whole year dodgeball tournament. 

First week back: First Aid


This week we have completed some First Aid training by St Johns Ambulance. We looked at how to effectively call for help in an emergency and how to support an asthma attack.

The children had fun role playing their learning and we have began to create a poster displaying the information which we will finish next week.

Last day of term


We have had lots of fun this week as we celebrated the end of term. To end the term with a bang, we had a Christmas party where we did lots of dancing and played games, made Christmas cards and watched the Year 6 versus teachers football match.


Well done for a fabulous first term year 5 and we will see you in the new year.


The year 5 team:)



Showcasing our learning about space


At the end of each half term we create a double page spread which presents all of the information we have learnt throughout our topic.

Take a look at some fantastic double pages from class 12 - I'm sure you can agree that how much they learnt is very impressive!


End of term assembly


It was lovely to come together as a year group and with grown ups to celebrate the end of a very successful first term in year 5.

We sang songs, read poems and recipes and gave out Bronze (and even some Silver) certificates and badges.





We have graduated!


Today, year 5 graduated from DARE which they have been participating in for the last term. They have learnt lots of different life skills which we hope they will carry forward with them.


Well done year 5!

Highlights of the week - 29.11.26


This week we have been learning to write newspaper reports about the moon landing.  We then thought about writing our own about a landing on Mars.

We learned about the Holy Trinity and had a visit from Lydia Corbett who is the Vicar at St Leo's church. We learned about the Holy Trinity representing the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.


A special well done to...


I want to give a special well done to those who have caught my eye this week for being even more amazing than usual!

I have been picking students who have stood out during different lessons.

Here is a look at this weeks award winners.

I have included notes home in diaries for grown ups to see what they are being awarded for.


Keep up the good work everyone and I'm sure I'll be giving out lots more awards and notes next week:)


Miss Lawrence



WB 26/11/2021


We have just completed another fantastic week in year 5! Take a look at what we have been up to this week...


Some of the highlights of the week include 

- Creating an Earth rotation model in science.

- Exploring Google Earth. The children had fun looking at the local area and further afield in different countries.

- Working hard together in teams to research famous people in History who are linked to our space topic.


WB 15.11.21 - Anti-Bullying Week


Year 5 have been working really hard this week, as it is assessment week. In-between our assessments, we have been learning lots about 'Space', including: Lines of latitude and longitude and the phases of the moon. In addition, they explored a wonderful app in ICT called 'Sky View' where they observed our location in relation to stars, planets and constellations. It has also been Anti-Bullying Week, so we have explored 'Being Kind' and the impact this has on others. We have looked at how we can deal with situations kindly and how being positive towards others can be so rewarding. 

The week has ended with Children in Need! We did several activities including drawing our own Pudsey Bear's and designing bandanas.

We were lucky enough to work with year 2 again to finish our space buggies. Both years worked fantastically together and the results were great!




Take a look at our  music lesson in year 5! We looked at a new song 'The Sparkle in My Life', practiced finding the pulse and copying beats. We also worked on our facial movements and used the glockenspiels to learn some new rhythms. Have a little look for yourself:

WB 8.11.21


This week is 'Maths Week'. The children have been learning all about the use of Maths in every day life. They have also really enjoyed taking part in some active maths lessons. Also this week, we have been learning more about Space, including the order of the planets and the phases of the moon. We also completed our lovely Peter Thorpe inspired art work, take a look at some of the photos below.

First week of the Autumn 2 term!


We have had a super busy and exciting week in year 5, starting our new 'space' topic. 

We started the week designing and creating space buggies with year 2.

Some other highlights of our week have been: sensory spelling, programming in computing, and creating Peter Thorpe inspired art using paint and oil pastels.



Final lesson of term!


On the last day of term, year 5 got to showcase all of their learning about Goose Fair through a double page spread. 

The children were able to box up different key ideas and decorate their pages beautifully.

We were so impressed with how much they had remembered and how much pride they took with their presentation.

What a great end to our Goose Fair topic!


Week Beginning Monday 4th October

This week, we have been enjoying lots of art work. We created observational drawings of photos of the Goose Fair. We also created our own zoom finders to help the children focus on specific areas of the fair. To finish, we used the technique of pointillism to paint the drawings. Take a look below. In writing, we have been innovating the story of 'The Caravan', changing our setting to a fairground. Have a read of some of the creative stories below.