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Year 5


YEA5 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Team 5

Meet the team

Well done Class 11 and 12, you've all been brilliant students in Old Basford and will be great role models for the younger children next year. Here are our Proud Assembly pictures.

What a great Sport's Day we have had! Everyone can be really Proud of themselves as you all put so much effort into the races. Well done to the winners! Here are some pics, enjoy!

What a great week we have had, learning all about Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. Our highlight has to be our acting workshops we had with Martha! Here are some photos of our acting!

Summer 2 - Life Cycles

Welcome back for our final half term of Year 5. This half term we will be learning all about life cycles of plants, animals and mammals. We have got off to a great start! Take a look at our pictures below of some of the children's Turner inspired art work:


This morning we held our end of term PROUD ACHIEVEMENT ASSEMBLY where pupils were recognised and acknowledged by the teachers and peers for the number of PROUD POINTS they have achieved since September.

Congratulations to all of our Y5 pupils earning either their:

Bronze (100 PROUD POINTS)  Silver (200 PROUD POINTS)    Gold  (300 PROUD POINTS) CERTIFICATES AND BADGES this morning!

In just 7 weeks, we will have our END OF YEAR ACHIEVEMENT ASSEMBLY ... we hope by then every child will have moved on to their next 100 PROUD POINT MILESTONE!

The question is ... will any Year 5 get to either the coveted Platinum (400 PROUD POINTS) or Ruby (500 PROUD POINTS) awards? The challenge has been set!

Smok the dragon and the cobbler of Krakow

Summer 1 Topic: The Arctic

Please Take a look at our Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser below. We will be learning all about 'The Arctic'.

OBS Year 5 Street Dance

Our first Reading Ranibow awards since lock-down. Read one get one free!

Well done to these children, who are the first winners since lock-down; having achieved the next colour of their reading rainbow. You are clearly taking full advantage of our 'Read one get one free' offer!


heartWELCOME BACK YEAR 5!heart

The Year 5 team are so glad to have you all back! Take a look at this letter for all the information you will need about daily routines. Please also have a look at our Knowledge Organiser to discover what you will be learning this half term.


We also want to welcome Mrs Monk who will be teaching Mr Burrows class (Class 12) whilst he has his operation. Good luck Mr Burrows and we wish you a speedy recovery!

Spelling Shed and Times Table Rockstars

Each week our homework will still be Times Table Rockstars and Spelling Shed. Remember, each week we will choose a 'Times Table Rockstar' and a 'Speller of the Week'. So, make sure you are still going on this every week as part of your homework, to be in with a chance of winning!

Our new topic is: ‘Ancient Greece’. During this topic we will be learning about the history and geography of Greece, comparing Athens to Sparta, exploring Greek pottery and finding out about how the first Olympic Games began!   We will also be reading lots of myths and legends such as the famous 'Theseus and the Minotaur' and we will even be writing our own.


Spring 1 Term - Can you guess what our new topic might be? We will give you a clue!


Take a look at our Spring Term knowldege Organiser.

Merry Christmas from Year 5!


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Katie for winning the ALWAYS CHILD award from Miss Eccelston (Assistant Head of School and Year 5 & 6 Leader) for Autumn Term 2020. Katie is a credit to our school, she is diligent, modest and has a vast array of attributes that make her this terms Year 5 Always Child! OUTSTANDING!)


A huge well done to all of the following children who have achieved this term over 100 Proud Points, meaning they have been awarded their OBS Bronze Badge and Certificate for Year 5!

We know lots of the children were very close, and we are certain will achieve this award early in to the Spring Term.

We are very PROUD of you!

DARE Graduation


Well done to all of Year 5 who have graduated the 10 week DARE programme today. You all wrote fantastic reports and created excellent posters to bring the programme to a close. Please see photos of our Graduation below.

Look Up Workshop


Year 5 have had the privilege of a live webinar with the authors of the fantastic children's book 'Look Up', to finish off our exciting Space topic. The children heard a live reading of the story, joined in on a live workshop with the illustrator on how to draw the man character Rocket. We then finished with a live Q&A session where the children got to ask questions directly to the author. Please look through some of our photos to see what we got up to!

Recognition Winners


Well done to these Year 5 children who earnt reward time with Mrs Shaw and Mrs Duffin this week. They have been on the Recognition Board an astonishing four times this term. Wow, well done!

Reading Rainbow Winners
Well done to Class 11's first yellow Reading Rainbow winners. You are absolute stars. Keep up the good work!

Well done to our anti-bullying poster winners! This week we have been marking anti-bullying week with a variety of activities. We designed our own poster and odd socks. We also had lots of important discussion around the types of bullying and then completed tasks linked to this.

Well done to Class 11 and 12's first Orange Rainbow winners. Excellent reading at home!

SPACE - The planet of Pandora


This half term we have been continuing our topic on 'Space'. As well as discovering all about the order of the planets, the phases of the moon and solids liquids and gases. We have also been using our new found knowledge in our Literacy work when creating our own mission stories all about a brand new planet! We have begun a new programme at school which is called 'Talk for writing.' The children have been having a go at it this week. It involves lots of drama, retelling of stories and creative thinking and it is safe to say the children have loved it. Please look through the photos below:

Class 11 and 12 in action!

Black & White Dance

We are so so PROUD of our new OBS Y5 after school Dance Troop, who after only 3 weeks, have put together this amazing routine! The children were so passionate about the message behind the song and within the lyrics, all of which align so well the theme of equality! Plus, today was OBS 'Show Racism The Red Card day', hence why we just had to share their hard work and routine with you all!

Meet Class 11's School Councillors and Eco Councillor, well done!

Meet Class 12's Eco and School Councillors

Black History Week

This week, as part of our whole school 'Black History Week' we have been learning all about the Windrush and experiences of passengers from the ship. Also, we have been enjoying experiencing some of the cultural traditions in the Caribbean. This has included designing and creating our own Caribbean inspired tortilla wraps, and recreating our own Notting Hill carnival, complete with music, masks and decorations. Please take a minute to look at some of our children in action below:


Congratulations to our first Reading Rainbow winners, who have now achieved their red band!

To find out what we will be covering during the Autumn Term, please see our knowledge organiser below:

Well done to Serena who was our Y5 Winner of the Reading Rainbow 'BLUE' Certificate design! Mrs Whitehead, our literacy lead, was so impressed by the time and care Serena took when designing it! We know children throughout the school will LOVE her BLUE certificate when they achieve it!

Year 5 WOW Day!


Today we introduced the children to their new topic 'space' through an exciting scene to explore. The children arrived at school to find an area of the field taped off by police as there was an 'area of interest' that needed investigating. They discovered around 40 items that we believe belonged to a spaceship or something from outer space! The children threw themselves into the enquiry and are now going to be writing a report for the local press to explain their findings. What an exciting topic this will be!

Something strange has happened at OBS!

Our True Colours

Our project for the last three weeks has been learning all about colours and how they represent us. We have explored this through art, drama, camouflage research, IT, poetry and characters from fiction. In addition, we have been reading 'The Wild Robot' and delving into how the main character 'Roz' comes to terms with her inner-self and trying to fit in with those around her. Have a look at some of the wonderful work we have produced below:


Reading at home - Our new 'Rainbow Reading' reward scheme

Please watch this video to find out more about our new 'Reading Rainbow' reward scheme:


Welcome back Year 5!

We have a very exciting year ahead!



Things to remember:


Tuesday: Outdoor PE

Wednesday: Spellings and Timestables tests

Thursday: Indoor PE

Friday: Diaries to be handed in

Autumn 1

Our topic for the first 3 weeks is colour.We will be learning all about our own understanding of colour and how it represents us. In addition, we will also be looking at camouflage and enjoying the story 'The Wild Robot'. 

OuMemorieto treasure from


WE MISS YOU YEAR 5 and hope you are all well and keeping safe.


Remember to check out our HOME LEARNING page, we are updating it all the time with new ideas and websites to keep you busy.


Look after yourselves and your family and we look forward to seeing you soon. Take pictures of what you are up to and you can share them with us when we are back in school.

Year 5 team 

Overview of our year:

Things to remember:

Tuesdays - Outdoor PE

Thursdays - spelling test, maths facts test, indoor P.E

Fridays - Diaries checked for a minimum of 3 reads.






This week we were the incredibly fortunate hosts of the University of Nottingham's inflatable planetarium called the 'inflativerse'. Year 5 were the special children that got to experience crawling in the inflativerse and learning lots about the different constellations and they got to find out about a Greek myth that explained the big bear constellation. Back in class the children also became experts in sorting galaxy photos by colour, size and type. It was a fantastic experience and we really hope they will come back next year!

This week we have been learning all about 'The Merchant of Venice' as a school. In Year 5, we have been particulalry focussing on empathising with the characters, especially Shylock and Bassanio. We also produced some lovely art work.

Look who will be coming to visit in Spring 2 ...

Year 5 Outdoor Learning

This week has been assessment week, as a reward for the children's hard work, we did some outdoor learning. The children had a colour chart which they had to match up to outdoor items, it was a very refreshing (cold) event.

Class 11

Chris White Workshop

Those children who took part in the RED January competition gained the reward of working with Chris White in a special workshop. It is safe to say the children loved it!

Our visit to Basford Mosque as part of our Islam Project

GREAT Project

Year 5 have begun their 4 week GREAT project during the first week of term. They have been looking at healthy and positive relationships. We have made a wonderful start, here are a few photos from the first session:

Energy and Forces
Our topic this half term is 'ENERGY & FORCES'.  To kickstart our topic, we designed, made and evaluated our own wind powered vehicles, learned about air resistance and tested our vehicles to see how far they would travel with a blast from a hairdryer! We've had a great week! Well done to Nikhill, whose vehicle travelled the furthest in Class 11.  It was a close call!


Class 12's Finished Cars


To kick start our week on pilgrimages, we visited St Leo's and Simon spent an hour with us teaching us about Christian pilgrimages.


Year five children have been heavily involved in investigating what could have caused unusual items to be scattered across our school trim trail! It has even been reported that they could be from another planet! The children have written some fantastic news reports sharing their story!  We will share some on here soon!


Autumn Term 2 - Our Knowledge Organiser

Autumn Term 1 - our knowledge organiser

Dates for your diary:


Friday 27th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning and Mini Marathon

Friday 4th October - INSET DAY

Wednesday 9th October - Parents Evening

Thursday 17th October - Parents Evening

Friday 13th December - Christmas Jumper Day

Monday 16th December - PROUD assembly - 2.15pm

Wednesday 24th  - Thursday 25th June -  WALESBY camp

Year 5 Art Exhibition


a kite making workshop to celebrate 50 years of the school!

Class 12


We visited Goose Fair to make sketches using view finders.  We are going to use them as inspiration for pointillism paintings that we will frame.

Making picture Frames using a hacksaw



Year 5 have a nominated friend from F2. Throughout the year, we meet up to share stories, carry out fun activities, play games and act as a friendly, supportive older friend.  This half term, we met our amigos for the first time and shared our favourite stories with them.  We're all looking forward to our next visit


Class 11 and Chestnuts

Welcome back! We're looking forward to seeing you all again.

Our exciting new topic for this half term will be...



One Day Wonder - Our Goose Fair!

Children worked in teams of three or four and designed, made and evaluated a fairground ride that could be part of Goose Fair.  Materials were limited to art straws, card and masking tape.  We had a brilliant day!



Year 5 have a nominated friend from F2. Throughout the year, we meet up to share stories, carry out fun activities, play games and act as a friendly, supportive older friend.  This half term, we met our amigos for the first time and shared our favourite stories with them.  we re all looking forward to our next visit



Monday - Indoor PE

Tuesday (or a Wednesday) - Outdoor PE, + homework (maths, writing, reading, topic) to be returned by the following Tuesday

Wednesday - Maths test and spelling test, spellings and maths facts sent home for test following week

Thursday -

Friday - Diary checks

Playtime Rota:

Monday Playtime - Football and basketball

Tuesday Lunchtime - Activities and competitions

Wednesday Lunchtime - Trim trail

Thursday Lunchtime - Football and basketball

Friday playtime - Football and basketball