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Year 6

Friday 15th January 

Maths Lesson 


Today's lesson will be focused on dividing decimals by integers (whole numbers) and you will learn a few different strategies to help you do this. All children in Year 6 have had experience of using the short division (bus stop ) method so will be familiar with this. 



Miss Eccleston's group - we would like you to work through the whole worksheet please. 


Miss Crosby's group and Miss McCulloch's group - we would like you to work up to at least question 7 today - remember to refer to the video for similar examples to help you work through and problem solve.



There is also an option challenge extension for any children who would like to push themselves today. 




Today it is time to put the skills we have practised throughout the week in to practise. You will be writing your own diary, imagining that you have found a man/women/creature (whatever it is that you came up with for yesterday's lesson) in the garage or perhaps even a treehouse.

In the video below, I have guided you through the tasks for today, you have a chance to carefully plan your writing. Remember you can base your structure on Michael's diary that you have learnt this week - changing some elements and using much more effective description as you.


Once you have planned out your diary entry - it is time to put your ideas down on to paper and get writing.

We would like this task to be hand written please using your neatest joined handwriting.




y6 Friday diary writing

Task 2 - Read Chapter 16 of Skellig 

Thursday 14th January 




Today you will be combining your knowledge of decimals and multiplication as we look at multiplying decimals. This is a very useful skill that can be used to multiply amounts of money in a real life situation.


Follow the lesson through the video and work through the activity sheets. 



Miss Eccleston's group - please attempt the whole sheet.

Miss McCulloch's group and Miss Crosby's group - work through the sheet to complete as many questions as you can, as a minumum we would like you to complete questions



There is also an optional extension activity you may want to challenge yourself with.

Spr6.2.1 - Multiply decimals by integers.mp4

Still image for this video

Maths Lesson for today: 


Today's lesson is on dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 which is the inverse to yesterday's lessons.


Watch the teacher video and then make your way through the worksheet, remember if you do not have a printer - don't panic as you can just write the answers in to your home learning book.


Miss Eccleston's group - we would like you to work through the whole worksheet please.


Miss McCulloch's and Miss Crosby's group - have a go at as much of the worksheet as you can, remember to try and push yourselfs. If you are finding this work very tricky, please have a go at question 1-4 as a minimum.


There is an optional extension for anyone who would like to push themselves.

Literacy -


Task 1 - Today you will be guided through your literacy work - you need to follow the video instructions and pause at different points. You will have a warm up and a main task. Your main task is explained at the end of the video. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 



Yr6 Thursday Litearcy

Task 2 - Read chapter 15 of Skellig. 

To read this the correct way round follow these instructions. Click view, click rotate view - click counter clockwise. 

Topic - Computing 

Today in computing we will be continuing our work on using Python programming language. Follow the link to espresso coding here: https://coding.discoveryeducation.co.uk/python/learn?locale=en-gb#python-graphics-5e5d0d0c570d8d36569de1a4 


The username is: student 25454 The password is: pupils


Today we would like you to complete the tasks:
Simple Pictures
Line Size and Backgrounds


You can upload a screen shot of one of your tasks or upload a photograph of your completed work.

Good luck and remember to use the videos at the top of each section to support you.

Tuesday 12th January 



Maths Lesson for Miss Eccleston's, Miss McCulloch's and Miss Crosby's groups. 


Today we will be looking at multiplying decimal numbers by 10 , 10 and 1000.

Watch the lesson video through this link today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWBYkr4-8M0&feature=youtu.be you can see this further down the page. 

Then through the activity sheet. Remember if you do not have a printer, you can write your answers in to your home learning book. You would beenfit from drawing some simple place value grids in your home learning book for this lesson as this will really support your learning.




Miss Eccleston's group - we would like you to work through the whole sheet please.


Miss Crosby's and Miss McCulloch's group - we would like you to work through the worksheet and try to challenge yourself. If you are struggling, we would like you to attempt questions 1-4 as a minimum please.


Extension - If you wish to challenge yourself there is an optional extension task attached too.

Good luck.



Multiply by 10 100 and 1000

Literacy Task 1 - 


Watch the video below and complete the tasks as you work through it. You will need a pen and paper. Make sure you take your time when creating your text map as you will need this throughout the week.  There is an example of a text map and a copy of the diary below. 

Tuesday Story Map Y6 Take 2

Task 2 - Read Chapter 13 of Skellig. 

Tuesday Chapter 13

Hello children,
I hope you enjoyed yesterday's science lesson learning about adaptations in plants and animals.
Today's lesson follows on and builds on your learning from yesterday.

Today we would like you to choose AN ANIMAL OR PLANT OF YOUR CHOICE.
We would like you to research how that animal is adapted to live in it's environment. Find out about it's physical features as well as any behavioural adaptations that have happened over time.
We would like you to present your work as a poster with a picture of the animal or plant, information about WHERE IT LIVES and information about HOW IT IS ADAPTED TO LIVE IN IT'S HABITAT.
You could do your poster on the computer if you wish. I have attached an example poster to this lesson where i have researched a meerkat and it's adaptations and presented it using Word.
As a minimum, we would like you to find out about one plant or animal but if you are really keen and interested in this topic, you could research as many animals and plants as you like and how they are specially adapted to live in their environment.
I hope you enjoy finding out about the plants and animals and we look forward to seeing your work!

Topic Activity - Science


Wednesday 13th January 

Divide by 10 100 and 1000



Good morning Year 6,

Task 1 and 2 - Writing Focus

We are going to be working on our descriptive writing today. You will need a pen and paper as well as your text map that you created yesterday. There are two videos today, you need to listen to and follow along with both videos and complete the activities throughout. Start with video on and go from there. 


I have also attached the worksheet and would encourage you to write out the sentences and use this as an added opportunity to show you can produce neat and joined handwriting. ( These are below the two videos you need to watch below) 


I look forward to seeing your descriptive writing today.


Task 3 - Read Chapter 14 of Skellig.



Video 1 Wednesday

Video 2 Wednesday

Writing Activity Sheet and Chapter 14 Skellig

Topic - PE 


Today is our PE sessions and we are going to be working on our fitness today.

For your warm up and stretching activity we would like you to follow the instructions from your celebrity supply teacher for today who is MARCUS RASHFORD




You can then choose your PE activity for today from one of the recommendations below. You only need to complete one.

1) PE with Joe (High Impact fitness focus) - You can stream Monday or today's PE lesson with Joe Wicks following the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSi2ix1i180 


2) Boxercise (Fun exercise with a boxing twist) - This one is a great arm work out and stress reliever with Coach Chris! Follow the link here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I9WBNPbtsU