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Year 6

Year 6


Meet the Year 6 Teaching Team

Miss McCulloch - Class 13 

Miss Crosby - Class 14 

Mrs Heywood - Third Teacher (Mornings)

Mrs Hodson - Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 6 - we are really looking forward to having you all as leaders of our school and we cannot wait to see what you achieve in the coming year. 

Important things to remember

Monday - Indoor PE come to school in your kit. 

Tuesday - Outdoor PE come to school in your kit. 

Bring your diary to school daily, diary check day is on Friday.

SPRING & SUMMER TERM: We will also be checking diaries on a Friday.


Our topic this half term is 'Castaway' we will learn all about rivers and mountains.

A change to our timetable! Outdoor PE is no longer on a Tuesday and is now on a MONDAY! Please can children come to school in their PE kits. Swimming will start after half term on a TUESDAY afternoon.

WB 27.6.22 


As always we have been working very hard in Year 6, we are really starting to put together our end of year show - we have been blown away with the acting and signing! We have also focused a lot of our week on Science - the children have been catching up on some lost learning and we now all know the terms vertebrate and invertebrate and micro-organism, we can also create and use keys to help us classify.


What a FANTASTIC three days we had on our residential to Kingswood, Dearne Valley! Every moment of every day was filled with exciting activities such as quick zip, crate stack, archery, scavenger hunt, camp fire, night line and many more. We were on the go from 6.30am until 9pm at night - a real action packed adventure! The children were well-behaved and were a pleasure to take away with us. Thank you Year 6! You have precious memories to last a lifetime! Come and see the fun we had for yourselves...



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WB 6.6.22 - A midsummer night's dream 


This week Year 6 have been learning about Shakespeare's A midsummer nights dream. Children have created their own drama, art work and song based on his play. On Thursday, we were lucky enough to have a workshop with a musician called Liam Malloy. He talked us through the song writing process and after some warm ups, we created our own verses for the Midsummer Night's dream song in groups. One brave singer from each group was then able to perform and record their groups song which Liam then made in to one song. We all took part in singing the Chorus to create two class songs. When they are complete, we will put them on the website for you to enjoy! 




To finish our 'TASTE OF THE CARRIBEAN' topic with a bang, we made a delicious Jamaican stew with 'spinners' which are what Jamaican's call dumplings. Firstly, we had to peel and chop a range of vegetables including: carrots, spring onions, red peppers, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. We learnt lots of new skills including peeling vegetables and using a knife safely. We then opened cans of kidney beans and coconut milk and added them to a big pan. Next, we heated the beans and coconut milk to soften the beans and once they had softened, we added the vegetables, herbs and spices and let it simmer for 20 minutes. The 'spinners' were simple to make using flour and water and they were also added to the stew. Once it was ready, we all thoroughly enjoyed tasting it and the children gave it 10/10! If you would lke to try the recipe at home, you can click the document below. 


Still image for this video

WB 23.5.22 - Gold and Silver Star of Basford Awards

Congratulations to Mariam who earned her Silver Star of Basford Award and to the 13 children who earned their gold star. This means that 15 members of staff have spotted you following the PROUD rules. We are so, so PROUD to have you as leaders of our school. 


W.B 16.5.22

WRITING, WRITING, WRITING! Now that SATS are behind us, we are turning our attention to writing. Over the next 3 school weeks, we aim to produce 4 pieces of OUTSTANDING writing which will showcase all of our skills and talents. Today (Monday) we started our first piece which is going to be Leonard's Diary based on our text for this half term which is "Windrush Child" by Benjamin Zephaniah. The children will be writing from Leonard's perspective about what it was like leaving Jamaica and coming to live in England in the 1940's. Watch this space for some of our finished pieces! Here we are hard at work planning our diaries!

W.B 9.5.22 - SATS WEEK!

Just WOW Year 6! All of the staff are just BEAMING with pride after you SMASHED SATS Week. We couldn't be any more PROUD of you all. Every single pupil in Year 6 attacked those tests with determination, resilience and 100% effort to show just how amazing you all are. Here we all are on Friday enjoying some very well deserved ice-creams in the sunshine! Well done Year 6 - you are ALL FABULOUS!

W.B 3.5.22

Only 4 school days until SATS week! Over the next few days, we will be sending out a letter to children and parents with some TOP TIPS on how to be as ready for SATS week as you can be! Please see the letter below:

You have worked so hard for this final push for SATS this week Year 6 - we could not be prouder of you! Remember you can only do your best and you are more than SATS :) 


WB 25.4.22

Year 6 have continued their project on Bernard Hoyes and some children have completed their own piece of art work inspired by him. Take a look at some of the amazing pieces below. 




On Friday (29th April), Year 6 visited the Book Fair which we currently have in school. We all enjoyed reading and sharing some of the fantastic books on offer.

W/B 18.4.22


Our topic this half term is A TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN! We will be reading WINDRUSH CHILD by Benjamin Zephaniah and will be learning about links with Nottingham and Jamaica. We will also learn about the British Empire, trade, slavery and the Empire Windrush. 

To kick start our topic, we had a very creative day where we learnt about the Jamaican artist BERNARD HOYES. Come and look at some of our fantastic work that we produced on this day!


Homework and Knowledge Organisers 

End of topic - Mayan quiz champions


Well done to all children on answering lots of their quiz questions correctly today - we had a blast on Kahoot! A huge congratulations to Isaac who is once again the overall year group champion! A huge shout out to Katie who is Class 14's champion! 

Design and Technology and Science Project

W.B 28.3.22

On Tuesday 29th March, we held our Spring Term Proud Achievement Assembly for parents and carers. Simran welcomed parents into the hall with her beautiful piano playing, some children shared their Mayan topic homework projects whilst others shared their Mayan tile printing. Stella read out a fantastic piece of Spanish writing about her ideal home and Emse and Priyanshi read out extracts from their portal stories. Neavesha and Atif shared photos of the costumes they got to wear on our Mayan Explorer Wow Day! Alongside all of this, MANY children received a certificate - we had some children getting their bronze, some earning their silver and we even had 7 children earning their GOLD AWARD after achieving 300 PROUD POINTS! Well done Year 6 - a FANTASTIC end to a super term!

Silver Star of Basford 

We had our star of Basford assembly on 25.3.22, lots of children earned their Silver stars and Seamus earned his Bronze despite only being with us for a few months. 

WB 21.3.22


We have been working hard during our mock SATS week and we are all so proud of the progress that we have made! We are so impressed with the resilience of the children and the progress they have made - we hope you are as proud of them as we are. We also planned and carried out our own science experiments to see if the length of a wire had an affect on the brightness of bulbs/ volume of a buzzer. In art, we perfected the skill of tile printing and enjoyed a messy afternoon creating masterpieces. Well done Year 6 - we are immensly proud to be your teachers. 

WB 14.2.22

What a busy week it has been in Year 6! In maths, we have been learning about area of triangles and the volume of cuboids. In English we have been writing our own portal stories and it has been amazing to see the children use their imagination combined with their toolkits to write their best piece of work yet. We have also had fun in science, perfecting our electrician skills and getting to know how to draw a circuit diagram using scientific symbols. We also hope to see some of the bulbs we have planted emerge as beautiful flowers in the coming months. 




Y6 had a brilliant WBD on Friday, starting off the day by designing some funky bookmarks, followed by chance to predict what would happen after a fiery cliff-hanger in our text, Escape Room.


After break, we hosted our very own Book Tasting Cafe where we enjoyed sampling lots of different types of books (as well as biscuits!), sharing our recommendations and enjoying stories together. We produced some amazingly artistic book reviews to encourage each other to read more widely. 


We are holding TWO meetings for parents in the next few weeks regarding SATS week. Please see the letter below for important information regarding these meetings. The first one is Monday 28th February at 5pm and the second one is Tuesday 1st March at 2.30pm. You only need to attend one meeting as they will both be the same. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Spring 2 - MAYAN WOW DAY

Today we had an amazing WOW day to kick off our topic Mysterious Mayans. We learnt lots from a real life explorer Simon and he told us lots about the Mayans and his adventures in the jungles. We learnt so much from the day and it really got us excited about our new topic. A couple of children who stood out during the day for working so hard had the opportunity to dress in Mayan dress and Simon caputured their images on a green screen. You can see some photographs from our day below.

W/B 7.2.22

Assessment week has gone with a BANG this week! We are so PROUD of all the children as they worked incredibly hard and showed such fantastic resilience in all of their tests. Please see your child's diary for their results in all the papers they sat - many, many children have moved on in leaps and bounds since November. Keep it up Year 6! 

We also held our 'SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST' End of Topic Quiz and were so impressed with how much knowledge the children had retained. In Class 13, Isaac came in first place followed by Saphia in second place and Stella in third place. In Class 14, Amy came first followed by Frankie and then Sofia. Isaac was the overall winner across the year group with a brilliant score of 26,790! Well done children! 

W/B 31.1.22

Week 5 has been another lively week in Classes 13&14! We started the week by continuing our unit on balanced arguments and we had a passionate debate - should dogs be allowed in parks? We then wrote this up as a balanced argument as part of the 'innovation' stage of our writing. In Maths, we continued with our learning about percentages and we learnt how to calculate percentages of amounts. In Science, we completed a fun experiment called 'BATTLE OF THE BEAKS" which helped us with our knowledge and understanding of Charles Darwin's theory about survival of the fittest. Furthermore, we found out about different fossils and how they are made. Some children also had the opportunity to represent the school in a cross country competition at Wollaton Park on Friday afternoon. Well done everyone - we are very PROUD of you!

It's assessment week next week and all the Year 6 teaching team know that the children are going to impress us with how much progress they have made since our last assessment week in November. GET READY TO SMASH IT YEAR 6! 


W/B 24.1.22

We have had another busy week in Year 6, in English we have been looking at balanced arguments and we have been practising our writing skills by debating topics such as 'Should mobile phones be allowed in school? or 'Should dogs be banned from parks?'. In maths we have been focusing on percentages.

In our topic work, we have been researching the world famous scientist 'Charles Darwin' and we have written fact files about him, his discoveries and his voyage on the HMS Beagle. 

W/B 17.01.22

What an exciting week we have had in Year 6 this week! Our 'Bikeability' programme came to an end with some children completing level 1 whilst others graduated to level 2. This involved them leaving the school site to learn vital skills for cycling on the road. Alex and Michael - the Bikeability instructors - complimented the children on how polite and well-behaved they were out on the roads. Both instructors said the children were some of the nicest children they had worked with! 

In English, the children have completed their HOT WRITES where they invented a creature and a setting that they found a the creature in and they wrote a diary entry focusing on the description of the character and the setting. In Maths, we have built on our knowledge and understanding of decimals and have been converting fractions to decimals. In science, we began learning about Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. 

WB: 10/1/22


Year 6 have worked really hard this week.  Lots of our children have taken part in a Level 1 Bikeability course and they are looking forward to completing Level 2 of Bikeability on the roads next week. 

In writing we have been building up our descriptive toolkit; experimenting with lots of sentence structures and working on improving our vocabulary. In maths we have continued to look at decimal numbers and have begun to multiply and divide them. 

We have also been extremely busy in our afternoon sessions; making our own e-book in computing, setting new goals in PSHE and finding out about the adaptive traits of animals in Science. 


Oh yes we did! - Beauty and the Beast Pantomime

On 7.1.22 Year 6 were lucky enough to have a free trip in to town to see the Pantomime, we all really enjoyed the show and Kaleem was even selected to go up and take part in the sing-a-long at the end of the show! We think some of our children might be on the stage when they are older judging by the amazing singing and dancing we saw in the audience. 


Our topic for this half term is SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! We we be learning all about inheritance and evolution including Charles Darwin and his 'Theory of Evolution'. Within this topic, we will also be learning about adaptation in plants and animals. 

On Tuesday 5th January, we had a BRILLIANT 'WOW' Day in Year 6 where we looked at fossils and investigated animals that were endangered or now extinct. In the afternoon, we competed in a SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST COMPETITION where we pretended to be animals and had to complete various tasks! Some breeds of animals had certain strengths which enabled them to survive more easily than others. Lots of fun was had whilst also learning new knowledge about survival! You can see some of our 'animals' with no arms, one arm trying to complete challenges such as burpees and cutting out below.


Dance with Miss Shannon - Spring Term


This half term in our indoor PE we have started a dance unit with Miss Shannon. Here are some photographs from our first lesson. 




We are very PROUD of the following children who have earned their BRONZE Star of Basford Awards and were presented with them in an assembly with Year 5&6 this afternoon. Well done to Mason, Theo, Marwa, Finlay, Alisha, Holly, Morgan, Dexter, Alexis, Blaine, Tyler, Riley, Ethan P, Liam S, Harvey W. 

This now means that ALL children in Year 6 have earned their first Star of Basford Award within the first term which is the FIRST time that has EVER happened with a Year 6 cohort! Huge Congratulations to you all and it just shows what wonderful role models and leaders of our school you are!

WB 6.12.21

What an exciting week we have had this week in Year 6! On Monday, some of our children sang Christmas Carols after school at the first ever Old Basford "Christmas Light switch on". We now having a beautiful sparkly tree outside our school and Ramey had the very special job of pushing the button to turn the lights on! On Wednesday morning, Mrs Kelly took this same group of children to perform at the Albert Hall. They were recorded singing a Spanish Christmas song called 'Capriccho Navideno'. On Wednesday afternoon, the whole of Year 6 were invited to Nottingham Girls Academy to watch a production of SHREK THE MUSICAL by some of their students from Year 7 right up to Year 13. It was phenomenal and we were all in awe of the dancing, the singing, the costumes and by the level of talent from every single performer. On Thursday and Friday, we had lots of fun making sculptures from chicken wire and Mod Roc. To fit in with our topic of World War Two, we have been learning about Henry Moore in Art and we have studied his sketches of people sheltering in the London Underground during air raids. We worked in threes to make a sculpture of these people. Have a look at our pictures below! 

On Friday, it was Christmas Jumper Day and we all enjoyed a scrumptious Christmas Dinner! I think we are all ready for the weekend!



On Tuesday the 7th of December our Year 5/6 Athletics team competed in the Grand City Final. Out of all the schools that competed across the City, we finished in SECOND place. This was a huge success and we are extremely proud of the children who took part. We narrowly missed out on first place (South Wilford) by a narrow 6 points. A massive well done to all who competed. 


Caleb, Obi, Archie, Samuel, Liam P, Goutham, Hari, Ethan P, Morgan, Harvey W, Leon, Lewis, Eghosa, Annalissa, Jasmine, Esme, Kelsey, Ella, Nyah, India, Neveah, Saphia, Mojet and Celene.




WB 29.11.21

We have been working really hard on our characterisation and dialogue in literacy this week and we are beginning to use a great balance of action, dialogue and description to make our writing come alive. 

In our topic work this week, especially our RE work we have been thinking about the terms 'Bystander' and 'Upstander'. We have learnt about how people resisted and rescued during the Holocaust, this included learning about Oskar Schindler, Anne Frank and Sir Nicholas Winton. 

WB 22.11.21


We have had lots of hard working children in Year 6 this week, we have been working hard with fractions in maths this week and we have been using dialogue and characterisation in our writing too. In our history topic we have been what showing what we have learnt about the Holocaust and reflecting on this tragic event of WW2. 


Another really busy week in Year 6. Four of our boys (Goutham, Liam, Harvey and Hari) made history by being part of the first 5 a side team to win the City Championship for Old Basford School. The competition has been running for 32 years and this is the very first time OBS have had their name on the trophy. Hari was the very first captain to lift the trophy. Well done Hari. 


Mojet in Class 14 has also made history by becoming the first girl at OBS to be selected to represent school in the Under 11's football league. Mojet was not only the first girl to play BUT she actually scored a goal in her debut match! What an amazing achievement Mojet - you should be so proud. 


Simran also played the piano to open and close our assembly this week - what a super performer you are! 



 Our Visit to the National Holocaust Museum


Today we visited the National Holocaust Museum and we learnt all about a little boy called Leo and his journey to England on the kindertransport.


We were very fortunate to be able to listen to a Holocaust survivor called Steven Mendleson who  travelled to England, to safety, in March 1939. He told us about his life in Germany before WW2 started and how it changed as the Nazi's gained power.  You can see some of the photographs from our visit below. 


WB 15.11.21 - Anti-Bullying Week 

We have had a very busy Monday in Year 6, not only have we completed some of our assessments, we have also created our own animated GIFS related to our anti-bullying work around the theme 'One Kind Word,' 





My_Stop_Motion_Movie One Kind Word (2).mov

Still image for this video

My_Stop_Motion_Movie One Kind Word (3).mov

Still image for this video

My_Stop_Motion_Movie One Kind Word (4).mov

Still image for this video

My_Stop_Motion_Movie One Kind Word.mov

Still image for this video

WB 8.11.21

We have had a very busy week in year 6, from writing a biography about Adolf Hitler to studying the art work of Henry Moore. The children really enjoyed trying to re-create some of Henry Moore's shelter drawings. We have also started our 'Boxing' unit of work in PE which we are really enjoying. You can see some of our pictures below. 

Autumn 2 -Back in Time to WW2

Year 6 kick-started our WW2 topic with a superb WOW day during which we explored artefacts, posters and pictures from WW2. We also made wartime carrot biscuits using only ingredients that would have been available. They were surprisingly delicious! Our text is The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne which we are really engaged with, even after just the first few chapters.


Already, we can see that this topic is going to be so interested and inspiring, especially with our special visit to The Holocaust Centre in two weeks time.

WC 11.10

We have been working extremely hard in Year 6 this week. In maths we have been perfecting our division skills and in writing we have been creating a care guide for Dr Kalmenius's Sir Iron Soul. In RE we have been reflecting on the Jewish 10 Commandments and thinking about making our own 10 Commandments for living a good life in 2021! 

Year 6 have also had their very first Star of Basford assembly where lots of children earned their bronze star of Basford - What a way to round off a very positive term. Year 6 we are very proud of you. 

Bronze star of Basford Awards

WC 4.10

This week in Year 6 we have been working extremely hard in lots of different areas. In maths we have been perfecting our use of the long multiplication method and in English, we have written our own suspense stories based on the film clip 'Alma,' 

One of our highlights of this week is Year 6 having a go at the recorder as part of our music work, you can see some of Class 14 playing along to 'Happy' below.  

We have also been learning First Aid based on some resources from St John's Ambulance. We have learnt what to do in the case of severe bleeding and shock - some of the children already have amazing skills. We definitely have some future doctors and nurses among us. 



Still image for this video

Beats and Breaths 

Autumn 1 

Our first topic in Year 6 has been beats and breaths. The children have been learning lots about how our heart and lungs work together as part of our circulatory system. We are so proud of how much knowledge the children have gained this half term and some of their work has been out of this world impressive.You can see some of the work we are really proud of below. 

Testing our bridges

Today we made our bridge designs come to life, we thought about triangulations and suspension and how we could strengthen paper to make it stronger. Some of our bridges held over 1KG of weight and some of us showed great resilience when things got tough! Well done Year 6. 





If you are unable to attend please see the PDF below which shows some of the information we shared at the meeting. 


What a start to Year 6 our pupils have had! All of our work has been based on the book "SOMEONE BUILDS THE DREAM" by Lisa Wheeler and Loren Long. We have learnt about famous bridges around the world and we have completed some paired challenges on making strong bridge structures. We have worked together to design our own bridges and next week, we will build these and test them to see whose is the strongest! 

All of the staff in Year 6 have been so impressed with how well the children have settled back in to school. They have been very well-behaved, well-mannered and have worked fantastically well with each other on the challenges. Check out some of the pictures below!