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Year 6

YEAR 6 2019-20

Meet the staff:

Picture 1 Mr Hill (Class 14)
Picture 2 Miss McCulloch (Class 13)
Picture 3 Mrs Schindler (Year 5&6 Leader/Year 6 teacher)
Picture 4 Miss Hillery (Year 6 TA)
Meet the children
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Dates for your diary - update:

Friday 11th October - PARENT CREATIVE MORNING working with the children to make Anderson Shelters (9am-11am)

Friday 8th November - Autumn 2 WOW day for the children to be introduced to their new topic

Tuesday 12th November - Mayan topic homework given out (deadline Thursday 28th November)

Thursday 28th November - TOPIC HOMEWORK SHOWCASE TO PARENTS (3pm-3:20) to come and see their homework and topic books from Autumn 2


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This morning Y6 showcased their superb acting skills in our Literacy lesson about Winston Churchill. We as classes recreated one of his most famous speeches 'We will NEVER SURRENDER!' The children have all been enthralled throughout our WW2 Topic this half term which we are delighted about!
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Have a look at our Knowledge Organiser that we are using in Year 6 this term! This gives details of all the 'knowledge' the children need to know whilst studying this topic.



We had an EXCELLENT D&T morning today in Year 6 making our Anderson Shelters! Lots of parents came to join us in the hall for creative fun! We think that some of the parents enjoyed it more than the children did! We are looking forward to painting them when they are dry.

Meeting a World War II Evacuee

On Wednesday 9th October, all of the children in Year 6 were lucky enough to meet a surviving World War II evacuee. Joan Leverett, who was evacuated twice from Dagenham during the war, came into school and spent an hour sharing her experiences and answering questions from the children. We were so lucky to have been able to meet someone with such an interesting life story.


Picture 1


What a FABULOUS time we had today celebrating OBS being 50 YEARS OLD! To go with the theme of 'FLYING HIGH AT 50', we worked in pairs and made kites! We even had a couple of parents come into class to help! The children spent nearly two hours in the morning making some BRILLIANT kites and we had a go at flying them in the afternoon. Have a look at our pictures below!


Today, all of Year 6 visited the Holocaust Centre near Newark. We had a fantastic day and went on 'The Journey' which follows Leo Stein, a Jewish boy living in Berlin in 1938 when Hitler and the Nazi's were in power. We learnt about the humiliation and discrimination that Leo suffered because he was Jewish. In the afternoon, we were extremely lucky to meet Simon Winston who is an 81 year old survivor of the Holocaust. We listened to him speak for over an hour about how him and his family escaped Poland because they were Jewish. We then had the chance to ask him some of our own questions. A BRILLIANT DAY was had by all - the children were exceptionally well behaved and we were proud of every single one of them. Many of the staff who work at the Holocaust Centre complimented the children on their behaviour and their knowledge of World War Two.


Today (10th September) we had a WOW day to introduce our topic of World War Two. We watched clips of air raid attacks, listened to sound clips and worked in pairs to figure out the countries that were involved and who their leaders were. We then went into the hall to great a large physical map and moved around to demonstrate who invaded who and who. Have a look at some of our pictures!

Things to remember

- Mondays - Spelling test, X tables test and new spellings given out.

- Tuesdays - Outdoor P.E 

- Thursdays - Indoor P.E

- Fridays - Diaries checked for a minimum of 3 reads, homework checked (Spelling Shed and Timestable Rockstar)


Dates for your diary


Friday 27th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning and Mini Marathon

Friday 4th October - INSET DAY

Wednesday 9th October - Parents Evening

Thursday 17th October - Parents Evening


What Year 6 will be learning about this year

Yearly Overview


              SUMMER TERM 2019

A little taste of our leavers assembly! What a wonderful event!


The children in Year 6 had a FABULOUS time on 'Pyjama Day'. After all their hard work with their SATS, their writing AND all the rehearsals for the production, they FULLY DESERVED their day in pyjamas watching film and eating treats. Year 1 even came to join us and the children were delighted to share some time with their Amigos. Come and have a look at the pictures below!


This morning Year 6 had a fantastic outdoor maths lesson combining sport and calculations on Monday. Each child had the opportunity to work out own personal their 'mean average' over 3 athletic events: the long jump, the javelin and the 50m sprint!




We had a BRILLIANT trip to the Theatre Royal this morning. We were greeted by David and he gave us a talk about some of the history of the theatre. We then got to sneak inside the auditorium and watch a REAL rehearsal of 'The Girl on the Train' which is currently being peformed there. We then had the chance to look backstage and we went on to the stage to look at the set. David then took us next door to the Theatre Royal where the show 'Annie' is currently running. Again, we had the exciting opportunity to go back stage and have a look on the stage! Miss McCulloch was SO PROUD of Class 13 - they were impeccably behaved throughout the trip including on the tram there and back. It was a pleasure to take you out of school!


We are very excited about our upcoming residential to Kingswood - Dearne Valley. Thank you to all the parents who came to our information meeting. If you couldn't attend, below is the Powerpoint presentation that we showed at the meeting with all the information you need.

It was fabulous to see all of the children dressed up this morning as what they would like to be when they are older. We had such a such wide range of careers including writers, teachers, architects, accountants, doctors, vets, lawyers, footballers, personal trainers, dancers, singers, nurses and beauticians. Come and have a look at our fabulous costumes!
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Picture 2

An afternoon of military precision!

What a wonderful afternoon we had with Sergeant Andy Brown. We spent the first part of the afternoon asking Andy questions about his aspirations when he was a child and his career in the army. We then took part in a military fitness style session which the children loved!




In Year 6 for the last 6 weeks, we have been taking part in the Healthy Hearts programme. This is a programme which is delivered by representatives from Basford United and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club. The aim of the programme is to teach children about their hearts and how to keep their bodies healthy. The programme also involved the children doing some physical activity and looking at the effect this had on their heart rates. It ended with a special celebration assembly where all children received a goody bag!


Today Year 6 went on the most 'extraordinary' trip to the theatre to see Skellig performed live on the stage. It was mesmerising and had us all on the edge of our seats in awe. We were so lucky that it was on at Nottingham Playhouse at the same time we were studying it in class - this has never happened before! The set and the actors blew us away with their version of a very powerful story - here is a snippet of what we got to experience...

Picture 1


What a great debate! In class we are writing a balanced report on 'home schooling' and today we had a debate on the issue. The children were passionate and extremely strong in their arguments both for and against.
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Tilly is back!

Tilly is back! 1
Tilly is safely out of hibernation and is back at school raring to go for the new half term. She is warm and is feeding nicely and looking forward to seeing all of the children this week.

SATs Meeting - Information for parents


In March we will be holding two meetings for parents, these will provide all the information you require regarding the SATs in May and the build up to them. The dates and times of these meetings are below, we would love to see you all there:


Tuesday 5th March 2019 (2.30pm - 3:20pm)


Thursday 7th March 2019 (5pm - 6pm)


Letters with further information regarding these meetings will be sent out shortly.


To link to our 'Mountains' topic this half term, we set the children a creative piece of homework on anything to do with mountains. We gave the children 3 weeks to complete their homeowrk.

We were absolutely blown away with the projects that the children handed in. It was clear to see the time and effort that had gone into each and everyone of them. We loved how some of them were a real family effort too with parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters getting involved too! Come and have a look at our FANTASTIC PROJECTS!


We had a brilliant two sessions this week as part of the 'Street Aware' programme. The aims of this programme are to support young people to be aware of the impact of knives and weapons and to not become involved with knives and weapons in the first instance. We also learnt about criminal gangs and strategies to avoid becoming part of a criminal gang. Leanne - who is a PCSO - delivered the sessions and all Year 6 staff were incredibly impressed with how the children responded.

Our topic for this term is 'Mountains Around The World' and we will be learning all about how mountains are formed and where they are located. 


Our text for this term is Clockwork by Phillip Pullman, this dark and compelling story is about a tormented apprentice clock-maker - and the sinister Dr Kalmenius, who some say is the devil!

Picture 1
Picture 2
During the term, we will also be creating and designing a CAM toy and Clay Figurine linked to the story Clockwork so the children have lots to look forward to.
On our Wow day at the start of this term, the children were given a number of clues to help them try and predict what our topic and book would be for the upcoming term. We also created some artwork linked to  our book - Clockwork - and you can see some of the amazing work the children produced below.
Picture 1
Picture 2


Year 6 worked so incredibly hard on their World War Two projects and the teachers were blown away by the creativity and the amount of effort that went into the projects. Some children made their own spitfires, some re-created scenes from Dunkirk, some made World War Two ration books, some made Powerpoint presentations - such a variety of outstanding work! Come and have a look at our projects!



What a fantatsic day we had on Friday at the Holocaust Memorial Centre! Our topic this term has been World War Two and in Shared Reading we have been reading 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'.  We have also learnt about the atrocious events of the Holocaust and how Jews were persecuted in the years leading up to and during the Second World War. Our visit complemented all the learning we have done at school.


We listened to a fascinating interview with Steven Mendlesson who was a survivor of the Holocaust and was sent to England as a child to be saved from Nazi persecution in Germany. We also got to experience 'The Journey' which was a story of Leo - a German Jewish boy living in Berlin. We got to experience what his home was like, what his school was like and what his Father's tailor shop was like. It was heartbreaking to hear how Leo suffered and was discriminated against just because of his religion. The day ended with all the children placing a stone on the 'Children's Memorial' which is a tribute to the 1.5 million Jewish children who lost their lives during the Holocaust.

The Year 6 staff would like to praise the children for their outstanding behaviour throughout the day - we were so proud of you and staff from The Memorial Centre commeted on your impeccable behaviour. All the children were respectful throughout the whole day and dealt with this difficult topic in a mature and sensible way.

Come and have a look at our photos from the trip.



Year 6 were lucky enough to spend the morning with famous author Chris White who is our Patron of Reading. He is always enthusiastic and funny and he inspires the children to write brilliant poems! Together as a whole class, we wrote a poem based on a street where funny people live!



We had a fabulous day in Year 6 today marking the centenary of the signing of the Armistice and the end of the First World War.

We learnt that during this time, people would bake cakes and send it to their loved ones who were fighting on the front line. It was called 'Trench cake' as soldiers would eat it in the trenches! There was a shortage of eggs duing this time so vinegar and dissolved in baking powder as a substitute. In Year 6, we made the cakes in groups and enjoyed tasting them in the afternoon.

Have a go at making your own trench cake at home! Click on the link below to find the recipe!

Something nice to share...

During the October half term, we received our professional wedding photographs and I wanted to share the school choir ones with you all. What a fabulous job they did! Mrs Schindler.


We are all very excited about our second half term in Year 6. Our topic of World War Two will be continuing and we will continue to read 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. The children have been captivated by this book and topic last half term and there is still so many exciting things to learn this half term!

Our text for this term

Our text for this term 1
We are also looking forward to our visit to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum Friday 7th December. Have a look at the link below to get you excited about our trip!
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Below are the weekly goings on in Year 6, we hope you find this useful.



HOMEWORK - given out on TUESDAY and collected on TUESDAY
SPELLINGS - given out on MONDAY, tested on MONDAY


Thursday 8th November - Autumn Disco

Friday 9th November - One Day Wonder on the Centenary of the End of World War One.

Monday 12th November - Start of Assessment Week

Friday 16th November - Children In Need and Talent Show (pm)

Wednesday 21st November - Parent & Carer workshop on Reasoning

Friday 7th December - Visit to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum

Thursday 20th December - Year 5&6 Achievements



Year 6 WOW Day - World War Two - 3rd October

All children in Year 6 had a fantastic day today dressed as evacuees. The teachers loved all of the costumes and you all went to so much effort!

We spent the morning learning about air raid shelters and we made our own model versions of an Anderson shelter. In the afternoon, we had a special treat as Joan Leverett came into school (Mrs Shaw's Grandmother-in-law) and the shared her real life experiences of being an evacuee. The children had many interesting questions to ask her and loved hearing about what life was like during the war. It really brought it to life for them.

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