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Year 6

YEAR 6 2020-2021

Meet the staff:

Summer Proud Assembly

For the very last time Year 6 had their summer proud assembly, we had children achieve their bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards and the children also shared a group poem about their time at OBS. Well done to everyone who got an award this time, we are very PROUD of you. 

Year 6 Leavers Disco

We had our Year 6 Leavers disco on Monday and DJ Gaz has just dropped off a memory stick with some amazing professional photographs on for us to share with you. What a fabulous disco Year 6 - well done. 


What a fabulous 'last sports day ever' Year 6 had today - we will be looking out for some of you as athletes of the future. Well done. 

Inflatables treat day

Year 6 had a very exciting reward for positive behaviour this week. We had not one, not two... but nine different inflatables to play on on the school field. Here is some photographs of us making memories before we leave to go to our secondary schools. 




This half term we are studying 'The Maya'. We started the topic with a WOW day and the children took part in a 'Maya Explorer Workshop'. The children had a great time and gained so much insight from Simon, the leader of the workshop. Take a look at the action shots he took for us...

Returning to school on Monday 8th March - Newsletter



This morning children from Year 6 were celebrated as leader and role models for school. All Year 6 pupils have now earned their STAR OF BASFORD BRONZE AWARD, and many Year 6 has also achieved their SILVER STAR OF BASFORD AWARD.

The next round of STAR OF AWARD will be in 4 weeks time.



Congratulation to our Year 6 pupils who this morning where acknowledged and recognised in our end of term Proud Achievement Assembly!

Considering Year 6 have had 2 bubble isolations, alongside missing 8 weeks of Spring Term (national lockdown) the fact that so many children have achieved either their BRONZE (100 PROUD POINTS) SILVER (200 PROUD POINTS) GOLD (300 PROUD POINTS) certificates and badges having worked remotely for nearly 12 weeks so far this year is very impressive!

Summer 1 - Kensuke's Kingdom

We have started to read our new shared reading text Kensuke's Kingdom this half term and we are really looking forward to hearing about Michael's round the world trip. 


This week, we have been reading lots of our new shared reading text Clockwork. We are beginning a writing project on one of the characters: Sir Iron Soul. Look at the wonderful work from two of our Year 6's below. 

Clocktower Figurines

As part of our topic, we made clay sculptures that could be displayed in the clocktower in the village where Fritz and Gretel live. We looked at some videos on how to model using clay and we  thought carefully about how we could bring our designs to life using clay tools. 

Here are some of our final outcomes for you to admire. 


Spring Term 2 -

Our topic this term is ... Super Scenery 

Our topic work this term will be all about 'super scenery' and we will be developing our Geography knowledge about the United Kingdom. We will do lots of map work, locating counties of the UK as well as learning about how mountains are formed.

We will also be reading the book Clockwork - By Phillip Pulman in our shared reading lessons. 


Our topic this half term is....


All our work this half term will be centred around the FANTASTIC text SKELLIG by David Almond. Our topic work for this will have a SCIENCE focus and we will be learning all about inheritance, Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution and adaptation in plants and animals. In RE we will also be learning about Creation Stories and how these differ to Darwin's theory.



Congratulations to Ruby for her OUTSTANDING effort, attitude and commitment this term! She has SHONE BRIGHT as a Year 6. Miss Eccelston (Assistant Head of School and Year 5 & 6 Leader) shared all of Ruby's many attributes with the cohort before presenting her with her badge. 



A huge well done to all of the following children who have achieved this term over 100 Proud Points, meaning they have been awarded their OBS Bronze Badge and Certificate for Year 6! There was always a very small number of children who achieved the SILVER PROUD AWARD, meaning in just 14 weeks they have achieved over 200 PROUD POINTS! OUTSTANDING!

We know lots of the children were very close, and we are certain will achieve this award early in to the Spring Term.

We are very PROUD of you!


The final week of the Autumn Term saw Year 6 graduate from the DARE programme which they have completed over the last 10 weeks. The children have learnt all about the dangers of illegal drugs and how to keep themselves safe. Have a look at some of the posters the children produced for the graduation and have a listen to Finley's AWESOME RAP! 


Still image for this video
Written all by himself to show what he has learnt through the DARE Project!

Year 6 Home Learning and Anti Bullying Week 

 A big well done to all of the Year 6 children who are engaging in their home learning through tapestry whilst we are all isolating. We know being at home all day is tough, the teachers are feeling it too, but we have been so impressed with some of your positive attitudes and resilience. We can all only do our best at these tricky times. We have even heard from some of your adults, that some of you are using group calls/chats to help each other with your home learning tasks - what brilliant, mature attitudes to have Year 6! We are very proud of you. 


See the photographs below for a selection of some of the great home learning work that you have sent so far. You can also see some of the amazing Anti-bullying posters Year 6 produced at home. 

Cory's Presentation on the Battle of Britain

Georgia's Presentation

Ryan's presentation

Jailah's Presentation


Still image for this video




Sadly, due to the pandemic, we couldn't attend the Holocaust Museum as we usually do in Year 6. However, today we completed a virtual visit via Zoom which was equally as brilliant! We learnt all about Germany in the build up to the Second World War through the eyes of 10 year old Leo who was Jewish. We learnt about how he was treated at school and how his family were treated. We learnt about Nazi propaganda and about The Night of the Broken Glass. We were also very lucky to virtually meet a survivor of the Holocaust - Hedi Argent who is now 91 years old! She was born in Austria and moved to Britain when she was only 10 years old because of the discrimination her family experienced. All children in Year 6 today were SUPER STARS - they listened intently, were very focused on their work and asked some mature and sensible questions. All of your teachers were very PROUD of you!

We sent Hedi some of our written work from the afternoon. We recieved this lovely e-mail back from here.


"Thank you and please thank the children for sending their stories and for being such good listeners.

It was a pleasure to talk to them today and I hope they will be able to visit the Holocaust Centre soon.

With very best wishes for everyone’s wellbeing,




You can see some examples of the children's work below: 



Mr Davie (our fabulous site manager) has been working with some boys in Year 6 doing some gardening! They have planted some rows of onions and we are looking forward to seeing them grow!

Autumn 2 - Talk for writing Evacuee

This term, our writing has been focused on the poem called Evacuee. We have used talk for writing techniques to learn and rehearse the poem and then used the rhythm to inspire our own poem about an evacuee and a soldier.

Here is a video of Miss Crosby's group performing the poem, look out for some of our writing appearing on the website soon. 




Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Still image for this video

Black Heroes Matter


This week, we have been celebrating Black History Month with a week dedicated to different Black History projects in Year 6. 


We have completed a variety of work and children have learnt a lot about the history of Black People in Britain - the children were really shocked and suprised to find out about Britain's involvement in the Slave Trade and have enjoyed learning about Black Heroes that helped Britain defeat the Germans in WW2. 


 We have also created some Black Lives Matters art work in a graffiti style. You can see some of the amazing work  from our week below. 



Star of Basford - Bronze Awards 


There will be two more announcements for Bronze Star of Basford Awards before Christmas and they will be on Wednesday 18th November and Wednesday 9th December. We look forward to seeing lots of children earning their special badges and wearing them on their jumpers with pride in the coming weeks. Keep trying hard Year 6s. 
Congratulations to the first batch of Year 6 children who have achieved their bronze award this term - we are very proud of you. 

Year 6 School Council and Eco Council representatives for 2020

Class 14 School Council:

Rama and Oliwier

Class 14 Eco-Councillors: 



Class 13 School Council:

Kevin and Lola O 

Class 13 Eco - Councillor:

Rhia C-D



Please can we give a reminder that you need to have made your secondary school choices and completed the application form by the end of this month. Due to the deadline being in half term, we will not be able to remind your children close to the deadline date so wanted to put a reminder on here for you all to see. Please make sure you use all of your choices and then click SUBMIT afterwards to complete the process. 

Well done to Gyhannah who was our Y6 Winner of the Reading Rainbow 'PURPLE' Certificate design! Mrs Whitehead thought her beautiful and creative work would help to inspire others!

DARE 2020

On Tuesday 15th September, Year 6 started their first DARE session with Mrs Lawrence. DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. We will be continuing with the DARE Programme over the next 10 weeks learning all about different types of drugs, how they are harmful to us and what we can do to resist peer pressure when it comes to drugs. DARE aims to equip our children with the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs and violence. All of Year 6 were FANTASTIC in the first session - enthusiastic, engaged and very well behaved! Keep it up Year 6!

Our first two weeks back were based on the theme of 'colour' we based our work on the book 

'The Mystery of the Colour Thief'

by Ewa Jozefkowic



We really enjoyed getting to know the main character Izzy and trying to solve the mystery of her mysterious and graphic nightmare. We also put ourselves in the shoes of Izzy and had a go at writing her diary based on the first three chapters of the book.

We then created some art work based on the theme 'hope' and thought about which colours represented hope and new beginnings. You can see some of our amazing work from our display in the hall in the photograph below. 




Reading at home - Our new 'Rainbow Reading' reward scheme

Please watch this video to find out more about our new 'Reading Rainbow' reward scheme:


Welcome to Year 6 2020-2021


Hello Year 6, we are so excited to see you all and see you lead the way for the rest of  school in the coming year.


For the year ahead, you will need to know the important information below regarding your PE uniform days, diary check dates and more.


There will be a daily book drop basket in your classroom where you can put in books to be quaranteed for three days before they go back on to the shelves. 


OuMemorieto treasure from


Meet the children


Dates for your diary - SPRING TERM UPDATE:

Tuesday 7th January - First day back and swimming starts (on Tuesdays for the rest of this half term)

Thursday 9th January - First 'Street Aware' session.

After School Maths Tuition starts for certain pupils until 4.25pm.

Tuesday 14th January- Topic homework given out (due in Tuesday 4th February)

Thursday 23rd January - Second 'Street Aware' session.

Week beginning Monday 3rd February - ASSESSMENT WEEK

Tuesday 11th February - SATS Meeting for parents (5-6pm)

Thursday 13th February - SATS Meeting for parents (2-3pm)

Friday 14th February - Finish school for half term

Monday 24th February - First day back for Spring 2 & SHAKESPEARE WEEK

Tuesday 25th February - Height and weight checks in Year 6

Wednesday 11th March - PARENTS EVENING

Monday 16th March - Road Safety Quiz

Wednesday 18th March - INSET

Thursday 19th March - PARENTS EVENING

Thursday 2nd April - 9.05am - Year 5&6 PROUD Achievement Assembly

Friday 3rd April - Finish school for Easter holidays.



Sports Relief 2020

What a great day we have had in Year 6 raising money for sports relief. The children brought in lots of different fruits and made their very own healthy fruit kebabs...they tasted delicious.


The children also completed the bleep test during the morning of Sports Relief, running 15m shuttles for as long and as fast as they could. The children had a great time completing the run and cheering on their class mates. Well Done!




We are kicking off Spring Term 2 with a 'MERCHANT OF VENICE' week! We have some exciting drama activities planned to explore the play and it's main themes. As we are an RSC Associate School, we are VERY LUCKY to be having a visit from artist Jane Stockley on Wednesday 26th February. Jane will be working with both Year 6 classes focusing on the bonds, seals and symbols of commitment in the play. The children will create their own designs and have a go at carving them into soap with hand tools. 
Come and have a look at some pictures of the variety of activities that Year 6 took part in during our Merchant of Venice Week!


Our whole class text for this half term is the FABULOUS 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman.

Tick, tock, tick, tock! Some stories are like that. Once you've wound them up, nothing will stop them ...A tormented apprentice clock-maker, a deadly mechanical knight in armour - and the sinister Dr Kalmenius, who some say is the devil ...Wind up these characters, fit them into a story on a cold winter's evening, with the snow swirling down, and suddenly life and the story begin to merge in a peculiarly macabre - and unstoppable - way. Almost like clockwork ...

Our topic for Spring Term 2 is 'SUPER SCENERY' and we will be learning all about mountains, rivers and coasts. 


In the book we are reading this half term (Skellig by David Almond) the character Mina is home-schooled. In class, we are writing balanced reports based on if home-schooling is effective. This morning, Miss McCulloch's Literacy group had a debate on this issue. It became quite heated and passionate at some points! I feel we may have some future politicians on our hands!


This term, we had took part in the 'Street Aware' program and had two visits from Jo - a PSCO from Nottingham Police. The first session focused on gangs and the second session focused on knives. We learnt lots about the laws in England and how to keep ourselves safe on the streets.

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! We hope you are looking forward to this term and all the exciting things we have planned.

Our topic for the term is:


We have a big science focus this term and we will be learning about Charles Darwin, his 'Theory of Evolution', adaptation in plants and animals and fossils! When we focus on 'Living Things', we will be learning about vertebrates and invertebrates.

Have a look at our Knowledge Organiser for this half term below!


Our text for this half term is 'Skellig' by David Almond and we will also be supporting our understanding of the book by watching the film.
Topic homework will be given out on Tuesday 14th January and will be due in on Tuesday 4th February giving you 3 weeks to create something spectacular!



As part of our Design & Technology work, we designed our own 'rooms' - the children came up with ideas such as bedrooms, living rooms, banks, museums and many more! The children had to design a circuit which incorporated an alarm when a door or window was opened. Some children even managed to include 2 alarmed entrances and a security light! Check out our FANTASTIC projects below!


Today we were lucky enough to have 'THE EXPLORER ACADEMY' in Year 6 to deliver a MAYA WORKSHOP to enhance and enrich our topic for this half term. This workshop was delivered by a fantastic man called Simon who is a real life jungle explorer! We spent the whole day learning all about the area in the world that the Maya were from - Central America. We worked in 10 teams all day and we took part in some team building activities. We learnt about what life was like in this tropical climate for the Maya including looking at the dangers that they would have faced. We looked at the Maya number system and the glyps that they used for writing. Some children were lucky enough to get dressed up in Mayan costumes! 


On the 6th and 7th November, both Year 6 classes had the exciting opportunity to visit Hatikvah Synagogue. To enhance and enrich our topic on World War Two and the Holocaust, we completed a theme week on the religion of Judaism. It was fantastic to bring this topic alive and visit a real synagogue. We were met by Moshe Goldshtein who welcomed us into his synagogue and explained to us about the history of Judaism. We had the opportunity to look at the Ark where the Torah is kept and Moshe brought the Torah scroll out so that we could look at it close up. We also looked at some Tallits (prayer shawls) and the children had the chance to try them on. The children listened extremely carefully, asked some thoughtful questions and came away with a wealth of knowledge about the Jewish religion. We would like to thank Moshe and the Hatikvah synagogue for making us feel so welcome.


We were OVERWHELMED with the efforts the children made with their World War Two topic homework projects. We had such a variety of work including Powerpoint presentations, models of various aircrafts and tanks, an evacuee suitcase, models of Anderson shelters and many more! Well done to all the children and their families who helped create such FANTASTIC work. Come and have a look at a selection of some of the projects... 


Still image for this video
This morning Y6 showcased their superb acting skills in our Literacy lesson about Winston Churchill. We as classes recreated one of his most famous speeches 'We will NEVER SURRENDER!' The children have all been enthralled throughout our WW2 Topic this half term which we are delighted about!


Have a look at our Knowledge Organiser that we are using in Year 6 this term! This gives details of all the 'knowledge' the children need to know whilst studying this topic.



We had an EXCELLENT D&T morning today in Year 6 making our Anderson Shelters! Lots of parents came to join us in the hall for creative fun! We think that some of the parents enjoyed it more than the children did! We are looking forward to painting them when they are dry.

Meeting a World War II Evacuee

On Wednesday 9th October, all of the children in Year 6 were lucky enough to meet a surviving World War II evacuee. Joan Leverett, who was evacuated twice from Dagenham during the war, came into school and spent an hour sharing her experiences and answering questions from the children. We were so lucky to have been able to meet someone with such an interesting life story.



What a FABULOUS time we had today celebrating OBS being 50 YEARS OLD! To go with the theme of 'FLYING HIGH AT 50', we worked in pairs and made kites! We even had a couple of parents come into class to help! The children spent nearly two hours in the morning making some BRILLIANT kites and we had a go at flying them in the afternoon. Have a look at our pictures below!


Today, all of Year 6 visited the Holocaust Centre near Newark. We had a fantastic day and went on 'The Journey' which follows Leo Stein, a Jewish boy living in Berlin in 1938 when Hitler and the Nazi's were in power. We learnt about the humiliation and discrimination that Leo suffered because he was Jewish. In the afternoon, we were extremely lucky to meet Simon Winston who is an 81 year old survivor of the Holocaust. We listened to him speak for over an hour about how him and his family escaped Poland because they were Jewish. We then had the chance to ask him some of our own questions. A BRILLIANT DAY was had by all - the children were exceptionally well behaved and we were proud of every single one of them. Many of the staff who work at the Holocaust Centre complimented the children on their behaviour and their knowledge of World War Two.


Today (10th September) we had a WOW day to introduce our topic of World War Two. We watched clips of air raid attacks, listened to sound clips and worked in pairs to figure out the countries that were involved and who their leaders were. We then went into the hall to great a large physical map and moved around to demonstrate who invaded who and who. Have a look at some of our pictures!

Things to remember

- Mondays - Spelling test, X tables test and new spellings given out.

- Tuesdays - Outdoor P.E 

- Thursdays - Indoor P.E

- Fridays - Diaries checked for a minimum of 3 reads, homework checked (Spelling Shed and Timestable Rockstar)


Dates for your diary


Friday 27th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning and Mini Marathon

Friday 4th October - INSET DAY

Wednesday 9th October - Parents Evening

Thursday 17th October - Parents Evening


What Year 6 will be learning about this year