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   It is our intention to enhance the learning experiences of all of our pupils. When planning our curriculum we have given great consideration about our responsibility as educators and what it is we actually want to impart to our children. At Old Basford, we have realised that our main intention is to provide our pupils with 'The 4 Es'.

We educate our children and give them the knowledge that they need.

We equip our children with the skills that they require.

We enrich our provision with opportunities that inspire and motivate.

When we have educated, equipped and enriched our children we will empower them with the desire to be life-long learners.


The curriculum at Old Basford School is all the learning and experiences, formal and informal, that we provide on a daily basis.  This is implemented not only through the 2014 National Curriculum, the agreed local syllabus for Religious Education, the Jigsaw programme (social, emotional and wellbeing education) and the Early Years Foundation Stage, but through an extremely wide range of extra-curricular activities.

     We offer a rich and diverse curriculum that is broad and balanced whilst still being appropriate to the children's ages, abilities and aptitudes, regardless of gender, cultural or religious identity, ethnicity or specific need. We endeavour to bring our curriculum alive through creativity through the arts, problem solving, investigation, risk taking and enquiry. Involvement from parents, the wider community and outside providers is a regular enhancement to our curriculum.

    As well as the National Curriculum linked learning, we also have enrichment events (weeks and days), such as Anti-bullying week, Odd Socks Day, Comic Relief, Macmillan events. We are a Royal Shakespeare Company Lead Associate School, which involves a yearly focussed week on a Shakespeare play, as well as staff training in the use of drama rehearsal-room techniques to be transferred to all areas of the curriculum throughout the year.

    Our extensive after-school extra-curricular provision is another important aspect of enhancing our pupils’ learning and experiences. Children in all year groups are involved in a wealth of sports, music and art activities provided by staff and outside specialists.