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Opportunities Bring Success

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Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values


We are an aspirational school for all of our pupils. Each one of them is valued as a unique individual and we set ourselves the goal of ensuring that they each meet their utmost academic potential and, in addition to this, unearth an individual talent beyond the academic curriculum.


At Old Basford School we strive to create learners who are imaginative, persistent, inquisitive, disciplined and collaborative.

THE 4 E's

We passionately believe that ALL of our children are entitled to an inspiring curriculum that prepares them for life using The 4 E's.

At Old Basford School:


  • You will be educated with the knowledge you need.
  • You will be equipped with the skills you require.
  •  You will be enriched through our provision of opportunities that will inspire and motivate you.
  • When you have been educated, equipped and enriched you will be empowered with the qualities to be life-long learners.



We are PROUD to be a part of the Old Basford Community and through our curriculum we strive to deliver high quality learning and experiences.


We have 5 School Rules that are at the very heart of all we strive to achieve here at OBS.


                                             P- Polite and Helpful

                                             R- Respect

                                             O- Organised and Tidy

                                             U- Understanding Others Needs

                                             D- Do your BEST!


Old Basford School =  Opportunities Bring Success.