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Opportunities Bring Success

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Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to Old Basford School


Old Basford School is full of enthusiastic, ambitious and talented learners who are surrounded and loved by an incredibly committed, hard working team of staff and governors. We believe that all children can meet their potential within our school.


We are a successful and aspirational school who are PROUD to serve our community.  Our enriching curriculum focuses on achieving high academic standards through effective teaching and learning, which in turn ensures all children develop skills, knowledge and individual interests within the curriculum. We want all OBS pupils to develop independence, confidence, resilience, self belief and a thirst for knowledge, which they can take into the next chapter of their education!


As a school, we value the support of parents, governors, partnership schools and the community who contribute to our success throughout each year and make OBS the exciting place it is. We continually pride ourselves on creating a culture where we are all role models and conscientious citizens.


Our school motto is 'Opportunities Bring Success' and we aim for all children to be able to access a vast array of additional opportunities during their time at OBS.  Whilst they try to unearth a talent, to find a personal ambition we will maintain high quality teaching in all lessons.

A child's time throughout primary school should be one of the best and most memorable times of their lives, and we at Old Basford School strive to make sure that is the case.

Mrs L Duffin
Head Teacher