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WELCOME TO ECO 2020-2021



Meet our 2020-2021 Eco Council!

Well done Melia for being an Eco Superstar!

You have worked so hard planting vegetables, flowers and seeds. Well done for looking after our environment and spending time outside. Great work! 

Earth Hour 2021!

Switch off your lights for an hour on Saturday 27th March 2021 at  8:30pm!

See the link below for more details:


Thank you Tobias for helping to keep our planet clean and safe! What great work you are doing by picking up all the rubbish off the floor! Thank you for protecting our planet and the animals! You are a superstar!

Looking for some inspiration to get motivated to spend more time outside? Look no further!

Even though its winter there are still lots of things you can do outside to help pass the time, enjoy the wildlife around you and help support nature! Here are a few of my favourite suggestions!

We would love to see and share your outdoor experiences. If you are happy for us to add your photos onto the school website please email them to:


Well done Melia for completing the Big Garden Birdwatch and making your own bird feeder!  Thank you for giving the birds near you a special helping hand!

Well done Year 3 for participating in the Big Garden Birdwatch!

Why not take part in this years

'Big Garden Birdwatch'! 



The 'Big Garden Birdwatch' is being ran by the RSPB from January 29th-31st.

They need all of our help to find out more about which birds are visiting our gardens, which are prospering and which birds are in decline so we can help support the wildlife on our doorstep!

Click on the link below to find out how you can be a part of this years 'Big Garden Birdwatch' and download your free resource pack!

Help make a difference today to the wildlife near you!



Thank you Tijan!

Wow! Thank you so much for choosing to litter pick in your own time! What a super star you are! We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU on behalf of everyone in your community! What a difference you make! I am so proud to have you in our Eco team! Well done!

Thank you Year 1...

for doing a great job at litter picking!

You are all stars!

Recycle your pens here!

We are now collecting pens to take to be recycled to help reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce as a school. We accept any kind of pens, felt tips, highlighters, biros...  If you have any old pens at home that no longer work please bring them into school to be recycled. Eco Council have set up recycling points in each classroom so that no pens get missed!

Thank you!



Watch some live animal webcams here!

Click on the links below...





Memories from 2019- 2020
We had a frog-tastic time this summer!