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Medicines in School


There is no legal duty that requires schools and staff to administer medication, this is a voluntary role. The ‘duty of care’ extends to administering medication in exceptional circumstances, and therefore it is for schools to decide their local policy for the administration of medication.


All pupils at Old Basford School have easy access to their prescribed medication, via the School Office, with prescribed medicines being administered under the guidance of a member of staff.


Please be aware that when handing in new prescription medication, you will be asked to complete a medication form including details of dosage and timing. This will be stored securely within your child’s file.


Please do not send medicine into school in your child’s bag, this must be handed in to the School Office.


Please note we are unable to administer any medication to your child without a signed medication form being completed, which can be downloaded below.

Occasionally, we will administer Calpol or Piriton for minor illnesses. Children are assessed prior to being given non-prescription medication and these are only suggested and given if we feel that it may help ease minor symptoms or ailments to allow a child to continue to enjoy their day. If we feel that these are needed, we will always contact you before administering these for consent.


Where possible, we discourage parents from requesting that non-prescribed medicines such as Calpol are given routinely throughout the day. We assess the welfare and wellbeing of any child prior to suggesting non-prescription medication, and will only recommend its use as and when required. A lot can change throughout the school day, headaches, coughs and colds can ease and often children are able to happily overcome minor symptoms and ailments when distracted and having fun. 

We understand it can be difficult for parents deciding if their child is well enough to attend school. Parents can find more information using the link below from the NHS website    

Sun Protection

Over the warmer months, please ensure that your child brings a sun hat to school with them. Please apply a long lasting sun cream in the morning before school. If you would like your child to reapply this at lunch time, please provide a named bottle to be left at school. 

Emergency Contacts

It is vital that we have up to date contact numbers for parents in case we need to contact you because your child is unwell or they have had an accident. In addition to this it is essential that we have up to date emergency contact numbers for a neighbour, friend or relative in case we cannot contact you.


If telephone numbers or emergency contacts change, please ensure that you notify the School Office at your earliest convenience.