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Year 4 Guitars 2022-23

So far this academic year, class 9 and 10 have learnt to play a variety of different songs from The Beatles to the Batman theme tune! 

Year 4 Guitars 2021-22

Music Pupil Voice

Phoebe “I like music lessons because they make me relaxed.”

Cahmah “Yes, I do because I like learning new things especially how to play a guitar.” 

David “I like music lessons because it’s really cool, doing something you never did.”

Gurdeep “I like music lessons because I love music.”   

Year 4 Learning to play Wonderwall by Oasis

Danny Meller


My name is Danny I am a professional guitar player who has had lots of live experience playing at festivals, weddings and eventually cruise ships in America. Alongside performing I also love to teach guitar inside and outside of schools.


I have a wide range of musical tastes including blues, jazz and world music but I would definitely say I have a soft spot for anything acoustic and perform regularly with the band Wilf and the Hullabaloo.


I am looking forward to starting the new school year and helping my groups to collectively achieve their goals and work on their growing musicianship.