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Year 4 Guitars 2021-22

Danny Meller


My name is Danny I am a professional guitar player who has had lots of live experience playing at festivals, weddings and eventually cruise ships in America. Alongside performing I also love to teach guitar inside and outside of schools.


I have a wide range of musical tastes including blues, jazz and world music but I would definitely say I have a soft spot for anything acoustic and perform regularly with the band Wilf and the Hullabaloo.


I am looking forward to starting the new school year and helping my groups to collectively achieve their goals and work on their growing musicianship.

Year 4 Guitars 2020-21


Thomas Frankenburg


Hello, my name is Thomas Frankenburg.  I am a music teacher with Nottingham Music Service, and this year I am looking forward to working in your school! I did a PGCE in 2015 and have been teaching in schools for five years and teaching the guitar for 14 years. You’ll often see me carrying my green dinosaur head around with me, he’s called Bertie and inside his jaw he carries rewards for students who show commitment and dedication to their learning.


The main instruments I play are the guitar and the piano, and this year I’ll hopefully be teaching the guitar in schools around Nottingham.


What I’m looking forward to most about teaching this year is getting to know my students and finding as many opportunities as possible to reward their hard work and enthusiasm for their learning.


The advice I would give to anyone learning an instrument with NMS would be, “Celebrate your mistakes because without them, we’d never learn anything new!”

Last years year 4 guitar Fun! 

Ian Marshall

My name is Ian Marshall, and I am a music teacher with Nottingham Music Service: I’m looking forward to teaching in your school this year!  The main instruments that I play are guitar, bass and drums, but I can also play a bit of trumpet, clarinet, violin and viola!  The instruments Ill be teaching in schools are guitar, drums and bass.

I’ll see some of you at Area Band, where I’m looking forward to seeing you progress and seeing you performing at some of our events and concerts.  The best things about Area Band and the other NMS ensembles I support are seeing children getting pleasure out of playing a musical instrument and pursuing it further.

The NMS event I am most looking forward to this year is Christmas in the City because the children all work so hard to perform in such a magnificent location and it’s always special to see such a wide variety of talent perform in one place!

The advice I would give to anyone learning an instrument with NMS would be, “Enjoy, have fun, learn and make wonderful music because you never know where it may lead!  Learning an instrument could create a pathway to a future or a love of music for life.


Year 4 Guitars

See below our year 4 students warming up and practising rhythms before they get their guitars out.  


Still image for this video