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OBS School Council 2021-2022


Meet our KS2 School Council Representatives for this academic year as voted for by their class mates. 

Year 6 Reps

Year 5 Reps

Year 4 Reps

Year 3 Reps

Autumn Term - Meeting 2

14th October 2021


School council met this afternoon to put forward their ideas gathered for playtime equipment to go with the new playground design.  They shared their lists and we discussed the feasibility of some of the items they have selected. 


They gave very good reasons behind some of the choices such as 'non sting balls' so no one gets hurt by a ball.  A high quality football for a match that the coating doesn't peel off and some softer practise balls for practising skills.


We also discussed storage issues and what would be the best way to store the equipment to keep it safe and look after it. 


Next Meeting Date:  TBC


Autumn Term - Meeting 1

21st September 2021


School council have been given the task to speak to their class mates to find out what type of playground equipment they would like to complement the new playground design we have chosen as a school.  


All council reps have been given a copy of a catalogue to look at to come up with a list of equipment for both the KS2 and KS1 yards.  This list will then be discussed at a follow up meeting in October, so an order can be placed ready for when the new playground design is installed.


Next Meeting Date:  Thursday 14th October