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Meet Our School Council - 2022-23

Our school council have already been proudly representing their classes and helping out at events such as MacMillan Coffee Morning and Children In Need. 



This year Mrs Tee and Miss Ryan will be running School Council.


Do you want to have a voice in what happens at our school?

Are you creative and imaginative?

Do you have leadership qualities or want to learn to have leadership qualities?


Voting for school council will begin during September!


OBS School Council 2021-2022



Spring term - Meeting 7

March 2022


School Council met today to make sure we were all ready for Comic Relief. We discussed all of the things we needed to make sure that we had ready for example pots for collecting money. We talked through the day and made sure that everyone was clear on what was happening and when. We are all very much looking forward to seeing how much money we can raise for a great cause!


Next Meeting Date:  April


Spring term - Meeting 6

February 2022


School Council met today to discuss Comic Relief. We looked at all of the information we had been sent and discussed what we would like to do at Old Basford. After lots of ideas and discussions, we decided that we would like to dress up as something funny, sell cakes and have a talent show!


Next Meeting Date:  March



Spring term - Meeting 5

January 10th 2022


School Council met today to discuss the school dinner menu. We looked at the proposed new menus and discussed what we liked and what we would like to change. The children worked in groups to talk about their opinions and then we fed back to the whole group.  


Next Meeting Date:  February 


Autumn Term - Meeting 4

16th December 2021


School Council met today to create a guide to using the new playground equipment.  They made tutorial videos of how to use the equipment appropriately and sensibly. The video will be shown as part of assembly when we come back to school in the new year. 


Next Meeting Date:  January


Autumn Term - Meeting 3

1st November 2021


School Council met today to decide what we should do to raise money for Children In Need.

They had some great ideas and we voted on three of them.

1. Pay a minimum of 20p to come to school on Friday 19th November in non- uniform.

2. Ask people to donate cakes and have a cake sale for children at playtime - all cakes 20p each.

3.Have a 'Who can draw the best Pudsey ' competition for morning work . school council will judge a winner from each year group.


School council have been asked to find a convenient time this week to share this information with their class.


Next Meeting Date:  16th December 2021


Autumn Term - Meeting 2

14th October 2021


School council met this afternoon to put forward their ideas gathered for playtime equipment to go with the new playground design.  They shared their lists and we discussed the feasibility of some of the items they have selected. 


They gave very good reasons behind some of the choices such as 'non sting balls' so no one gets hurt by a ball.  A high quality football for a match that the coating doesn't peel off and some softer practise balls for practising skills.


We also discussed storage issues and what would be the best way to store the equipment to keep it safe and look after it. 


Next Meeting Date:  1st November 2021


Autumn Term - Meeting 1

21st September 2021


School council have been given the task to speak to their class mates to find out what type of playground equipment they would like to complement the new playground design we have chosen as a school.  


All council reps have been given a copy of a catalogue to look at to come up with a list of equipment for both the KS2 and KS1 yards.  This list will then be discussed at a follow up meeting in October, so an order can be placed ready for when the new playground design is installed.


Next Meeting Date:  Thursday 14th October