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Aims and ambitions  

At OBS, we educate our pupils, including SEND, through coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Using a clearly planned out curriculum, our children are equipped with a range of historical skills to inspire their curiosity to know more about the past. Learning is accessible to all and is adapted to meet the needs of the children. Teaching of History progressively builds pupils historical skills to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement. Our children feel empowered to reflect on the past and its impact on the present.


Sequence and Progression

In EYFS, we teach History through the Early Learning Goal of: Understanding of the World (Past and Present). This involves talking about the lives of people and their roles in society, knowing some similarities and differences between things in the past and now and understanding the past through books read in class. We then follow the National Curriculum in Years 1 to Year 6. We have adapted the NC in to the Old Basford Curriculum Progression map and aligned this with the OBS creative topic based approach to learning. The units of learning are age appropriate and progressive from EYFS to KS2, the five main subject specific skills that bind the History curriculum together are: Chronological understanding, range and depth of historical knowledge, interpretations of history, historical enquiry and organisation and communication for which I have produced exemplification documents. Each History topic has four key knowledge based themes that run through the school: empire/ democracy/ everyday life/ technology. At the beginning of each lesson, key concepts and subject specific vocabulary are revisited and built upon. In addition, the learning objectives linked to knowledge and skills are shared explicitly to the children.


Children leave OBS ready and equipped to face the next stage in their History education.

Useful History Documents


Amazing Artefacts - Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 became historians and looked at a variety of artefacts from Ancient Greece.


Year 1


Year 1 have had a lot of fun learning about how toys have changed within and beyond living memory.

World War 2

Year 6


As part of their history topic this term, Year 6 visited the Holocaust museum to bring their new topic and learning to life. They also looked at and handled a range of WWII artifacts. 

Maya Angelou


In our writing this week, we are looking at the story of Maya Angelou. We started off by learning her incredible story and then doing some drama based on it.

Fantastic Fieldwork and Theatre Tour


Year 5 started this week off with an exciting school trip. First, we went to the Forest Recreation Ground to study the site of the Goose Fair (which still had lots of stuff there!) and carry out some geography fieldwork. After, we had a BRILLIANT backstage tour of Theatre Royal, where we learned a lot about the theatre's history. Thank you to everyone who helped us and to Theatre Royal for giving us the VIP treatment! 



Year 3 learned about Stonehenge and created different representations of it that would stand.



Trip to Clover Green


Year 5 went on a trip to Clover Green today. We talked to residents about their experiences of the Goose Fair as well as Nottingham. They proved a fountain of knowledge and we learnt so much about the history of theatres, the Goose Fair and much more! Thank you so much for having us Clover Green. 

History of Nottingham's Theatres


This afternoon, Year 5 looked at a variety of historical sources and analysed them to find out about the many theatres that used to be in Nottingham

Year 5 Local History

Goose Fair Research


As part of their 'Nottingham Nights' topic, Year 5 have looked at a variety of primary and secondary history sources to see how the Goose Fair has changed over the last 100 years. Needless to say, we found a lot of ways it has changed and some where it has stayed the same.

Year 3

Stone Age


Year 3 started off their Stone Age topic by having a very exciting archaeological dig. Many artifacts were discovered!




Welcome to a wonderful new year where, as usual, there will be lots of lovely History taking place. Below, you can see some highlights from last year. Otherwise, watch this space!

Summer Term


Year 6 - Taste of the Caribbean 

In this topic, Year 6 learnt about where Jamaica is, its history and some influential Jamaicans linked to Nottingham's past. They also looked at world trade, the history of the slave trade and the Windrush generation.

Windrush Drama

More from the spring term...


The second part of the Spring term was packed with lots of amazing history! In the Year 2 topic 'Marvellous Medicine' they looked at how hospitals have changed, Year 4 looked at the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons in 'Invaders and Settlers' and Year 5 looked at the cradle of western civilisation by studying Ancient Greece. Have a look at the highlights below.

Year 2 'Marvellous Medicine'

Year 2 looked at how hospitals have changed over time into what we know today. They also looked at the important historical figures of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.

Year 4 - Invaders and settlers

Year 4 looked at the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and their battle for England. They also looked at events in the rest of the British isles as well as bringing their learning to life by looking at artifacts and visiting the Jorvik centre. 

Year 5 - Ancient Greece

In Spring 2, Year 5 studied Ancient Greece. We looked at the ancient Olympics, Greek city-states, democracy as well as the differences between Athens and Sparta (some children were still undecided on which they would have wanted to live in!). We also designed and made Trojan horses in DT as well as studying Ancient Greek artifacts.

Spring term History

In the first part of the Spring term, we have continued to see lots of amazing history. Year 3 have looked at 'What makes Britain Great' and Year 6 have studied the Mayans. Let's look at some highlights below:

Year 6 - The Mayans

The Mayans was an exciting and much loved topic. The children learnt where in the world they lived, how society was organised, what they worshiped and more. They also compared Mayan society to the Anglo-Saxons by looked at artifacts from both societies.  


EYFS - Blast off!

F2 have been getting stuck into some fantastic history by looking at video footage of the 1969 moon landings. They especially loved the footage of Apollo 11 taking off! This helped them learn about Neil Armstrong and the first mission to the moon.

Year 3 - What makes Britain Great

Year 3 have been looking at what makes our country great! This has included some lovely history where they watched the 'Time travelling artist' show how Nottingham has changed over time. This let them compare our current city to how it used to be at different times.

More from the Autumn term...


After all of the amazing history last term, there's still lots more to see in Autumn 2! Have a look at the highlights below:

Year 4 - Roman Roads

Year 4's topic this half term is the Romans. As part of this they looked at Roman Roads, why they were so famous and how they were made. They then put this into practice by making their own Roman Road out of biscuits. Whoever thought learning could be so tasty! 


Year 6 - Holocaust museum visit

This term, Year 6 visited the Holaucost museum. They learned all about the Kindertransport and heard the story of a Kindertransportee. They thought about and discussed what it means to be an upstander and a bystander and this trip really supported the learning done in RE and History so far this term.


They were also lucky to have heard the story of a Kindertransportee called Steven Mendellson and experience the journey of a young Jewish boy called Leo. You can see some photographs of this trip below. 

Black History month

As usual, OBS celebrated Black History month. Every year group looked at something different as well as a creative homework being set. The projects that came in were amazing and made a lovely showcase in the hall!

Autumn Term History


We have had an amazing start to History this year! In the first Autumn term, Year 5 studied local History in their new topic 'Nottingham Nights' and Year 3 studied the Stone Age to Iron Age. In EYFS, the children also looked at the history of their families and the families of others.  

Year 3 - From Stone Age to Iron Age

Some of the amazing learning Year 3 did for their topic included: creating a cave painting; creating an art piece based on Stonehenge; becoming archaeologists to find Stone Age artefacts; designing and making a Stone Age Dwelling; and investigating a range of artefacts to see what they tell us about the Stone Age. Have a look at some amazing photos below! 

Year 5 - Nottingham Nights

Some of the amazing learning Year 5 did for their topic included: looking at a variety of historical sources to see how the Goose Fair and theatres have changed; creating their own, more modern, version of the famous Arthur Spooner painting; visiting Clover Green to interview residents; designing and making a fairground ride; comparing maps of Nottingham from 1850 to the present day; and a very exciting trip to Theatre Royal! Have a look at some very dramatic photos below.