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The Curriculum


  This statement sets out the curriculum entitlement of all children at Old Basford School and explains how we organise the curriculum to ensure that it is fully inclusive for all children whilst sparking their interest, deepening their knowledge and developing their curiosity.


  It is our intention to enhance the learning experiences of all of our pupils. When planning our curriculum we have given great consideration about our responsibilty as educators and what it is we actually want to give our children. At Old Basford we have realised that our main intention is to provide our pupils with 'The 4 Es' .


We educate our children and give them the knowledge that they need.

We equip our children with the skills that they require.

We enrich our provision with opportunities that inspire and motivate.

When we have educated, equipped and enriched our children we will empower them with the desire to be life long learners.


  The curriculum at Old Basford School is all the learning and experiences, formal and informal, that we provide on a daily basis.  This is implemented not only through the 2014 National Curriculum, the agreed local syllabus for Religious Education, the Jigsaw programme (social, emotional and wellbeing education) and the Early Years Foundation Stage, but through an extremely wide range of extra-curricular activities.


  We offer a rich and diverse curriculum that is broad and balanced whilst still being appropriate to the children's ages, abilities and aptitudes regardless of gender, ethnicity or specific need. Our foundation subjects are linked through a thematic approach which we endeavour to bring alive through creativity. As well as the National Curriculum linked learning, we also have enrichment days called 'One Day Wonders'. These are 'off-timetable' days for the whole school which are often linked to a national or national event. Please see the above button for further details.


  Old Basford School also prides itself on our 'hidden curriculum', which allows the children to learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave to all members of the school community but also within their everyday lives. This philosophy is embedded in our 'PROUD' rules. P- polite and helpful. R- resilient. O- organised and tidy. U- understanding others' needs. D- do your best.


  We believe that the Old Basford 'whole curriculum' has a positive impact on all of our children, in their academic, sporting and emotional success. Opportunities Bring Success!


Most importantly Old Basford children are happy children



​As a school we ensure the children are exposed to a wide and varied selection of text types through all aspects of their day; shared reading, guided reading, independent reading and reading for pleasure, which includes whole class 'story time'.  The curriculum is not constrained by subject boundaries and as a school our curriculum is topic based, linking various subjects with an emphasis on learning Literacy skills. We are proud to be a Royal Shakespeare Company Associate Lead School and expand our literacy provision through drama activities and first hand experiences to enhance the children's learning.


Phonics and Reading

All children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are taught phonics daily, through ability set lessons, following the Nottingham City CLLD structure, which is inline with the 2014 National Curriculum.  All children in school have an individual reading book, which is colour banded in accordance to the Institute of Education book banding system.  As a school, we pride ourselves on providing the children with a wide range of reading books, rather than on particular scheme. Individual reading book colours are reviewed on a regular basis and changed accordingly.



High quality maths lessons are planned and delivered inline with the White Rose scheme of learning but lessons are supplemented with the Maths No Problem scheme and NCETM, which supports the teaching of mastery maths.  The conscious decision to use a variety of schemes is so we can ensure all children regardless of starting points, interests and ability are immersed in Maths at the appropriate level.  This method is used from Year 1 through to Year 6 and is a spiral curriculum which builds the children's skills, knowledge and confidence in maths through a reasoning based approach.  In our F1 and F2 classes, a mastery approach to teaching maths has also been adopted.


If you would like more detail about what each year group are currently doing, please see their year group page.