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Drumming Experience in Year 2

Area Band Celebration through the Eyes of an OBS Child

My Experience

Eleanor’s point of view

“My experience was TERRIFIC, the minute we played, I felt like I was in a magical world, yes that’s how amazing it was!”

The hall itself, was huge! Surprisingly huge! There were so many instruments that were part of it too, it really was a dream-come-true, to be in area band!

We played the home coming tune, can’t stop the feeling tune and the take me to Africa tune, we played fantastic!

Love, love, loved it!



Area Band Experience: Serena

So, first we went up the big corner stairs and went into the hall. It was very big and there were lots of different instruments; there were violin players, flute players, guitar players, trumpet players…

We played ‘Can’t Stop the feeling’ and ‘Homecoming’. When everyone played it sounded very melodic and professional. We plasticised different chords and notes. It was very hard for me to keep up, but I eventually got the hang of it. We had to learn some bits that we had missed when Thomas wasn’t here. Overall, it was very fun and interesting!



I really enjoyed area band because I got to play music with other children and make sweet music.

I liked the Great Albert Hall because we got to perform songs with other children.

By Caiden



All about Area Band (Albert Hall)

It was amazing, there was so many instruments! I was sad you weren’t there and Thomas but it was epic though. We played home coming and can’t stop the feeling it was EPIC!.  

Thank you for this opportunity




and Thomas and the staff


Celebration Time Come On!


We are delighted to announce…our end of year Area Band celebration!

Taking place on Monday 19th July, 4.30pm – 5.30pm at the Albert Hall in Nottingham.


After a year of online and smaller live area band sessions, this end of year playthrough will be a fantastic socially distanced rehearsal for all area band students to come together and celebrate their achievements this year.  

This event is for all area band students.

Students will need to get themselves to the Albert Hall and be collected afterwards.


You just need to bring along your guitar instrument along to take part!


Haven’t got one don’t worry you can always borrow one from school, as long as you fill out the slip to say you agree to look after it and return it to school.


Please complete our sign-up form (below) by Monday 5th July 12.00pm.



Fill | Area Band End of Year Celebration Rehearsal 19th July Sign Up

The survey will take approximately 7 minutes to complete.



If you have any questions about what the day involves then do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Kelly, who will try and find out the answers for you.

Calling all Musicians…


Are you interested in making music?

Can you play an instrument?

Are you over 9 years of age?

Are you between grade1-4 in your instrument?


If you are answering YES! Then why not sign up to join in with RHYO InterConnect's end of year celebration rehearsal on 20th July. They will be learning a piece by ear on the day, so they will not need to bring any sheet music with them.


If you enjoy it you might like to sign up to join RHYO InterConnect in September.


Event Information 

The rehearsal will take place on Tuesday 20th July at 4.30pm-5.30pm. Arrival times will be confirmed closer to the event. 

Venue: Albert Hall, N Circus St, Nottingham NG1 5AA.


Parents will need to complete the following form by Tuesday 6th July 12.00pm. They will then receive a confirmation email to confirm their child’s place by Friday 9th July. 



Fill | New RHYO InterConnect attendees Rehearsal 20th July Sign Up

The survey will take approximately 7 minutes to complete.


Safety measures

We will not be inviting parents to watch this rehearsal due to limited venue capacity and social distancing measures. Children will be socially distanced during the rehearsal and will be expected to bring a face mask and hand sanitiser.


For more information please visit our website: http://www.nottinghammusichub.org.uk/make-music/rhyo-interconnect

Here is a taster of what you could produce if you joined RHYO Interconnect...


If you want to share your talent please record yourself and send it to…Tapestry@oldbasford.nottingham.sch.uk

We are hoping to collate all the talent to showcase Old Basford's Got Talent. If you send a video in you are giving permission for it to be shared in the school assembly and on the school website or during a showcase. If you only want it to be shared during assembly, please state this when you email it in.  

Check out the Music Project in Nottingham

Click on the link below to watch the short clip to find out more!


Did you know Nottingham is one of the most diverse cities in the country? We have such an exciting mix of different cultures and each culture has its own kind of music. To celebrate these rich musical traditions, we are launching an exciting project called Music in Nottingham!

Exciting news!!

We would like you to interview a friend or a relative, and ask them about any particular musical pieces/songs or instruments that hold special value in their culture. And if you, your friends or family can play/sing this music, we would LOVE to hear it!

We'd also love to see any photographs or pictures that show any celebrations or events where you may hear this music (for example weddings or birthdays). If you can record your interview with your friend or family member, it would be perfect!


Check out the examples



For more information of how to send in your interviews, pictures and videos click on the link below.


 So what are you waiting for? Let's make music!


Take on the 2021 music quest

MusiQuest is free and available for all of you to enjoy!

A new level will be released each week up to half term, and once live, each level will remain available (so there's no need to worry that you've missed a level if you haven't yet completed Challenge 1).  This week's level has just gone live and can be found at MusiQuest2021 | Nottingham Music Hub

Will you rise to the challenge?

Let's get Old Basford School on the leader board! 

See the pictures below

Christmas in the City

Thursday 17th December 7pm

free online Christmas carol concert


Oh, the weather outside is frightful

But I’ve found something quite delightful

If you’ve got no place to go

Sit at home

Sit at home

And watch the show!


Please click on the link below (see photos for help)   



GladTidings We Bring



Nottingham City Council are using children's artwork during their yearly Christmas event and have asked schools to get involved!


'St Mary's have requested that schools submit children's artwork, with 'Away in a Manger' as the theme, so that a montage of children's work can be displayed whilst the song plays in the background.’


Here are a few of the fabulous ‘Away in a Manger’ scenes the children designed. Before they got creative they thought back to famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and his famous ‘A Starry Night’ and Andy Warhol’s work, who they had previously studied. 

Congratulations to Old Basford School pupils for completing MusiQuest 2020, The Search For The Lost Chord!


We are delighted to announce that pupils from Old Basford School tackled all five levels of MusiQuest 2020 to complete the Quest and find The Lost Chord!


Check out our certificate below!


Well done for following the map to navigate the Island of Lontano: scaling the Mountains of Major, clambering the Mountains of Minor, dicing with the white water of the Rapido Rapids and surfing the Sea of Sharps to discover the Lost Chord and unlock the treasure!


MusiQuest 2020 developed and tested musical knowledge across the key aspects of music, including pitch, dynamics, and rhythm, and explored a variety of musical genres.

Completion of the Quest shows that Old Basford School pupils have demonstrated a wide range of musical skills – we are very proud of your achievements!


Summer Holiday Music Quest 2020

I am very excited to tell you about MusiQuest 2020- The Search for the Lost Chord!

Join CBeebies' well-known explorer Andy Day for a musical challenge to take you through the summer!

Dare you become a musical archaeologist digging for clues to help?

Can you follow the map across the Isle of Lontano - through the Mountains of Major and Minor to Staccato Swamp, riding Rapido Rapids past the Sea of Sharps?

Will you decode the clues, find the treasure chest and unlock it to reveal the Lost Chord?

MusiQuest 2020 will go live at 10am on Monday 27 July, and more information can be found here!"

Fantastic News

Old Basford School have made their mark and managed to make it onto the Summer Celebrations school’s video!

We are officially famous!

Click on the link below to have a look


If you want a quick look we are on at points 9:03-9:10 and 9:38-9:58


The children had so much fun learning the song Bethandaza, well done everyone!


Exciting news Nottingham Music School has provided us with some online lessons and resources!


Why not check them out! Try out ‘Making Music Without Instruments’, click on the link and see the pictures below.


Music Highlights from 2019-2020

March Area Band Week 2020


Well done to those children who performed during the area bands annual celebration on Tuesday 10th of March. Miss Hillary was singing your praises, telling all who would listen what a fabulous performance you put on.

Well done for making Old Basford School PROUD! 


Christmas in the City

Wednesday 11th December 2019

Wow what an evening!

The area band children had the exciting opportunity of performing on stage alongside other musicians from various Nottingham schools. They were able to put all their hard work and practice into this exciting performance at the Royal Concert Hall. The children proudly showcased their guitar skills to a full audience, but in particular their adults who had come to watch them and they were absolutely brilliant!  

The children were impeccably behaved and made Old Basford PROUD! They had such fun when they were on stage playing their guitars and really got into the swing of it. They soaked up the atmosphere and immersed themselves into everything that was on offer during the evening. They were seen nodding their heads, tapping their feet and hands to the beat, what a joy to see. Furthermore, got to hear one of the finalists from a school choir competition sing and they joined in with some well-known songs themselves.

A great night had by all! 

Some kind words from Hanna Barrs from The Music Hubb


“The concert itself was a triumph - all of the choirs and ensembles made the stage their own and performed with a confidence beyond their years.  It's impossible to pick out a highlight because the overall standard was so high: suffice it to say that feedback from the audience about every aspect of the concert has been extremely positive.” 


Most of the pieces played during the concert were recorded, and we are going to include some of them in our Musical Advent Calendar please check out this link if you would like access to the songs that were sung and performed.