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Mental Health and Wellbeing at OBS

Spring 2 PSHE

Wellbeing at Old Basford


So far this year we have taken part in Odd Socks Day, Anti Bullying Week and Children's Mental Health Week to raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing in school.

This year these dates have concentrated on values which are imbedded within our curriculum and it is lovely when we have an opportunity to celebrate them, whether it is by wearing odd socks or dressing to express!

The themes for each of these days encourage pupils to express themselves, celebrate that we are all unique and importance of connecting with others. 


Wellbeing Days 2022/3

Summer Self Care Plan

Click on the useful resource below for some summer self care tips.



Local mental health advice and help for young people in Nottingham. 

This is an excellent resource for young people and their families. The short video below gives an overview of the website. Follow the link to browse the website and find out more.

Nott Alone website overview

An overview for users of the new Nott Alone website, which has been created to provide local mental health advice & help for young people in Nottingham & Not...

Coming up...

Time to Talk Day (3rd February 2022)

World Mental Health Day (Friday 8th October)


To raise awareness and celebrate World Mental Health Day this year, OBS pupils and staff enjoyed a 'dress down' day. Children took part in sessions about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and how this can help us improve our mental health and wellbeing.