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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

We are delighted to begin the new academic year with you all and can't wait to get to know you as individuals and class groups. We have wonderful topics and exciting learning set throughout the entire year!

Meet the Team for


Key Information 


Parent / guardian 'welcome to year 5' meeting in the hall at 2:55 on Thursday 7th


Friday 15th December 2.15-3pm PROUD Assembly in the School Hall

Tuesday 16th April 2024 - Y5 Arctic Explorer Workshop

'Welcome to Year 5' information

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PE Uniform Days


Outdoor PE - Tuesday

Indoor PE - Friday


Year 5 Residential dates

 Walesby Forest  Tuesday 18th June 2024 - Wednesday 19th June 2024

Supporting your child at home


Y5 children will all have a colour banded reading book which is appropriate for their level as well as a reading for pleasure book.  Please support us by reading and discussing their books at home.  There is an additional sheet stuck in diaries explaining the goals and how to help your child.


Each week the children will be given ten spellings, engaging in daily practice using a range of fun and helpful activities. You can support them to practice their weekly spellings as well as the common exception words that you will find stuck in their diaries.

Practising their spellings little and often, making it fun is key to helping your children to become confident and successful spellers.

As a team, we can help the children to become super spellers. 


Each child has a  Times Table Rock Star account and login details are stuck in diaries.  This can be accessed from home so please encourage your child to have fun and practise their times tables.  Inside diaries there is a copy of the times tables up to 12x and  a 'key instant recall facts' (KIRFs).  Each half term, a KIRF will be focussed on.  Autumn 1's focus is multiplication and division facts to 12X.

Half Term Creative Homework Project

Every half term, we set a creative topic homework project linked to the current topic.  It's always a favourite time of the term, when we share these in the last week before we break up.

Please see flyer below, also stuck in diaries.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview for 2023 - 2024

Spring term spellings


Welcome back to school Y5! We are very excited to start the term and can't wait to start all of the exciting things we have planned.  Our topic is called Ancient Greece and has a history focus.  Each Thursday afternoon, you will be taught art by the tremendous Mrs Maker and Jigsw by the talented Mrs Pile. We will also have weekly Computing, Spanish and Charanga lesson. In writing, our two Talk for Writing units will focus on writing a story and a set of instructions. Our shared reading book will be Percy Jackson. Our main math's focus will be fractions, multiplication and division.

Each week, we will upload a brief synopsis and some photos and videos.

Please see below for further documentation.

Week beginning 20th February

This half term's topic kicked off with designing, making, photographing, eating and advertising a stuffed Greek pitta.  We are encouraging the children in their oracy skills and they all had the opportunity to 'pitch their pitta' to others in class!

Week beginning 5th February


Last pictures of this half term, celebrating children's homework.

Week beginning 29th January

Year 5 carried out an investigation about friction using a force meter, shoes and different surfaces.

Week beginning 22nd January

We have had a creative week, where children have worked collaboratively on presenting their knowledge .  Firstly, in the third week of The GREAT Project, children made posters about healthy and unhealthy relationships.  Secondly, as part of our topic on Be Empowered, children had the choice of how they wanted to present what they had learned about renewable and non renewable energy.

Air resistance investigation


This week, Year 5 have learnt about air resistance and carried out their own scientific investigation into it.

Women Who Made History


Over the last week, Year 5 have been reading the book 'Women Who Made History', focussing on Boudicca, Flora Drummond, Noor Inayat Khan, Sayyida al-Hurra and Ada Lovelace. In our final lesson, we made some lovely fact files.  

Week beginning 15th January


Enjoying a bit of drama on a sunny Monday morning to help us understand the characters in a story a little more, before we write an imagined dialogue between them.

Glorious Geography


This afternoon, Year 5 were set the task of making a presentation about the types of renewable energy as well as why they are important. 

Week beginning Monday 8th January 2024



This afternoon, Year 5 started their new sport this term, hockey. 

Week beginning Thursday 4th January 2024


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Welcome back Year 5. It was lovely to see all the children today.  We are lucky to have Miss Talia teaching us dance until February half term.  Here are some of the children warming up and practising their high kicks.

WOW day


Year 5 had a very creative start to our new topic. This involved designing and making our very own wind turbines.

Week beginning 18th December

Year 5 Topic Quiz


Well done to the Autumn term topic quiz champions in what was a tight contest!

Week beginning 11th December

Creative Homework


The creative homework we have received has been out of this world! The creativity shown was astronomical! 

Week beginning 4th December

Marvellous Map Work


This afternoon, Year 5 used atlases and Digimaps to learn about longitude and latitude. We then completed a challenge to find the longitude and latitude of various cities across the world!

Week beginning 27th November




Today, Year 5 had a space day. One of the activities was to design and build a spaceship that would protect the people inside. We tested our designs using eggs and were surprised when there wasn't a single one that cracked!

Year 5 carrying out an investigation on shadows in science.

Here we are designing and making protection suits for our space eggs in teams!  They were dropped outside from a height to test how well they were protected.  Did we do well? Of course we did!  Only one egg broke.

Week beginning 20th November

Learning about the lunar cycle with everyday equipment!

Week beginning 13th November


Year 5 had a LOT of fun today learning about the planets in our solar system, including their sizes, order and distance from the sun.



This week, Year 5 started playing football in outdoor PE.

Week beginning Monday 6th November



This afternoon, Year 5 met their Amigos for the first time.



We started off our Autumn 2 topic 'Life on Mars' with a very creative WOW day, which involved some alien art work and building rockets. 

Week beginning Monday 16th October

Creative Homework


We have had some amazing creative homework in Year 5.

Maya Angelou


In our writing this week, we are looking at the story of Maya Angelou. We started off by learning her incredible story and then doing some drama based on it.

Week beginning Monday 9th October

Fantastic hot writes based on our warning story - The Caravan.  What a brilliant start to the year!

Fantastic Fieldwork and Theatre Tour


Year 5 started this week off with an exciting school trip. First, we went to the Forest Recreation Ground to study the site of the Goose Fair (which still had lots of stuff there!) and carry out some geography fieldwork. After, we had a BRILLIANT backstage tour of Theatre Royal, where we learned a lot about the theatre's history. Thank you to everyone who helped us and to Theatre Royal for giving us the VIP treatment!  

Week beginning Monday 2nd October

Willard Wigan


This morning, Year 5 had such an amazing time working with famous artist Willard Wigan. Creativity was flowing like a river! 

Masterful Map Work!


This afternoon, Year 5 used Digimaps to explore the local area and plan a route to the Goose Fair. We also compared a map of the current location of the Goose Fair to one from the 1800's to see how the area has changed. Well done future historians/geographers! 

Maths Workshop


Thank you to all who could make it to the parent workshop on Monday. For any who couldn't make it, please find the slides below.

Week beginning Monday 25th September

Trip to Clover Green


Year 5 went on a trip to Clover Green today. We talked to residents about their experiences of the Goose Fair as well as Nottingham. They proved a fountain of knowledge and we learnt so much about the history of theatres, the Goose Fair and much more! Thank you so much for having us Clover Green.  

Super Search Engines


This afternoon, Year 5 looked at what search engines are and how they work. We then had a go at comparing the results we got from several different search engines. 

History of Nottingham's Theatres


This afternoon, Year 5 looked at a variety of historical sources and analysed them to find out about the many theatres that used to be in Nottingham.

Week beginning Monday 18th September

Class 11 perform our Talk 4 Writing text - The Caravan

Still image for this video

Goose Fair Map


Year 5 became geographers this afternoon when they created some sketch maps of the school. They then used their map skills to plan where a fairground would go on the school grounds.

Week beginning Monday 11th September

Glorious Glockenspiels 


This afternoon, Year 5 got the glockenspiels out to start performing their new song in music. It was glorious!

Goose Fair Research


This afternoon, Year 5 looked at a variety of primary and secondary history sources to see how the Goose Fair has changed over the last 100 years. Needless to say, we found a lot of ways it has changed and some where it has stayed the same.

Week beginning Monday 4th September



Class 11's finished collective art work

Class 12's finished collective art work

Nottingham Nights WOW day


We started off our new topic by looking at the artists Fred Fowle and Arthur Spooner. We looked at their style of art and had a go ourselves, we especially liked looking at Arthur Spooner's painting of the Goose Fair.

Hello from the NEW Class 11!

Class 12 Magpies