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Aims and Ambitions

At Old Basford School, we want our children to foster an interest in learning other languages which will provide an opening to other cultures. We have chosen, along with other Nottingham schools, to teach our children Spanish as our modern foreign language. We recognise that many families in our community go on holiday to Spain or Spanish speaking countries and therefore learning Spanish would be more engaging and practical. We educate our pupils from Y3 to Y6, including SEND, to foster their curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. Using a clearly planned out curriculum, our children are equipped with skills they need to express their ideas and thoughts in Spanish and communicate for practical purposes. Our children feel empowered to be language learners as they progress to the next stage in their education with the potential to study and work in other countries.


Sequence and Progression

We follow the National Curriculum in Year 3 to Year 6. We have adapted the NC in to the Old Basford Spanish Progression map and aligned this with the carefully chosen age appropriate and ambitious themes, for example starting with greetings in Year 3 and progressing to written descriptions in Year 6. The three main areas of content are: core vocabulary, expressing opinions and Spanish grammar.

At the beginning of each lesson, previously taught vocabulary or conversational questions are revisited and built upon. In addition, the learning objectives are shared explicitly with the children.

Children leave OBS ready and well equipped to face the next stage in their language education.



It is great to be back teaching Spanish across all of Key Stage 2, year groups 3-6.  All the children are really excited to progress through their new topics within Spanish.  Along with different topics being taught throughout the year we constantly cover and revisit basic conversational questions and key vocabulary.  Below is a brief summary of what each year group will cover this term as well as some core vocab that you can practise together.


From Miss James


Year 3  -  Greetings, counting, colours and conversational questions.

Year 4  -  Parts of the body

Year 5  -  The High Street

Year 6  -  In my Pencil Case


0    cero                  11   once                           30    treinta

1     uno                   12   doce                          40    cuarenta

2    dos                   13   trece                         50    cincuenta

3    tres                  14   catorce                     60    sesenta

4    cuatro              15   quince                        70    setenta

5    cinco                16   dieciséis                    80    ochenta

6    seis                  17   diecisiete                  90    noventa

7    siete                18   dieciocho                  100   cien

8    ocho                 19   diecinueve

9    nueve               20   veinte

10  diez