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Aims and Ambitions 

At Old Basford School, we want our children to be creative, knowledgeable and digitally literate. We educate our pupils so they have a coherent knowledge and understanding of how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. With the core of computing being computer science, we ensure pupils understand the principles of computation and how digital systems work. Using a clearly planned out curriculum, our children are equipped with skills in information technology to create programs, systems and a range of content. We encourage our children to be problem solvers who can use logical reasoning to explain their thinking. Our children feel empowered to express themselves and develop their ideas through computing, being prepared for a developing and ever-changing digital future.


Sequence and Progression


In EYFS, even though Computing is not a part of the Framework, OBS still recognises the importance of building the foundations of computing in the early years. Therefore, we have made the decision to still follow the EYFS Curriculum 2012 and the ‘Technology’ element of the Early Learning Goal of ‘Understanding the World’. At Old Basford School we feel that as technology is ever-evolving and is a large part of everyday life, the children will still benefit from accessing technology through our teaching and continuous provision, for example through using Beebots and ipads. 

We then follow the National Curriculum in Years 1 to Year 6, which we have adapted in to the Old Basford Curriculum Progression map. The units of learning are age appropriate and progressive from Y1 to Y6. The three main areas of content are: digital literacy (including online safety), information technology and computer science and computational thinking.

At the beginning of each lesson, key concepts and subject specific vocabulary are revisited and built upon. In addition, the learning objectives linked to knowledge and skills are shared explicitly with the children. Every lesson includes an anchor task based on e-safety to provoke questioning and discussion around issues.

Children leave OBS ready and equipped to face the next stage in their Computing education.


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