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Infinity Lunchtime Club




Infinity proved to be one of the most popular new initiatives from 2 years ago in 2018-2019!

So much so that from 2019-2020, we now have 2 Infinity sessions EVERY DAY!

- Mini Infinity each breaktime

- Infinity each lunchtime


The club promotes, wellbeing, friendships, teamwork, confidence, self worth AND FUN!


Each breaktime and lunchtime children get to take part in our Infinity Group and become actively involved in a variety of purposeful adventures and tasks within our school grounds.


Have a look at just some of the things we did last academic year!


We can't wait to share with you everything that is new for 2020-2021! Both Mrs Finn and Mrs Pile have been busily beavering away over the summer holidays coming up with even more exciting activities to do with our pupils!


We also have a new home - each lunchtime Infinity Club will now be based in The Treehouse Classroom in school! We can't wait to show you our new 2020-2021 home!