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Infinity Lunchtime Club

Welcome to our

OBS Infinity Group

Meet our Infinity leaders:

The children are always desperate to be involved in Infinity Group!


The fabulous group promotes wellbeing, friendships, teamwork, confidence, self worth AND FUN!


Each lunchtime children get to take part in our Infinity Group and become actively involved in a variety of purposeful adventures and tasks within our school grounds.


Take a look at some of our memories from last year's Infinity group photos:


Y5/Y6 Using a parachute to develop teamwork!

Y6 Problem solving through construction sets.

Y6 Friendship week in Infinity. Decorating biscuits for friends. YUM!

Y4 enjoying themselves exploring the natural world!

Year 4 being creative making pipe cleaner figures!

Year 4 enjoying skills circuits:

Year 4 children enjoying team building games:

Previous Infinity Group photos: