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Area Band Celebration


Area Band Celebration at the Albert Hall through the eyes of an OBS child 


My Experience 

Eleanor’s point of view 

“My experience was TERRIFIC, the minute we played, I felt like I was in a magical world, yes that’s how amazing was!” 

The hall itself, was huge! Surprisingly huge! There were so many instruments that were part of it too, it really was a dream-come-true, to be in area band! 

We played the home coming tune, can’t stop the feeling tune and the take me to Africa tune, we played fantastic!  

Love, love, loved it! 



Area Band Experience: Serena 

So, first we went up the big corner stairs and went into the hall. It was very big and there were lots of different instruments; there were violin players, flute players, guitar players, trumpet players… 

We played ‘Can’t Stop the feeling’ and ‘Homecoming’. When everyone played it sounded very melodic and professional. We plasticised different chords and notes. It was very hard for me to keep up, but I eventually got the hang of it. We had to learn some bits that we had missed when Thomas wasn’t here. Overall, it was very fun and interesting!  



I really enjoyed area band because I got to play music with other children and make sweet music. 

I liked the Great Albert Hall because we got to perform songs with other children.  

By Caiden 


All about Area Band (Albert Hall) 

It was amazing, there was so many instruments! I was sad you weren’t there and Thomas but it was epic though. We played home coming and can’t stop the feeling it was EPIC!.   

Thank you for this opportunity 




and Thomas and the staff