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Today in assembly Mr Ross launched our exciting October half Term Optional Homework Project to the school! This year we have decided to combine the key qualities within our Fundamental British Values and Black History Month!


Please see details below! 



Your optional half term holiday homework is to produce a mini-project based on a black hero. This year we will again acknowledge, celebrate and say thank you to our ‘unsung’ heroes.


This could be about your mum, dad, gran, neighbour, your dance teacher, your football coach, the local police officer, the postie, your favourite shopkeeper; anyone you think deserves a special mention. If you are unable to think of someone who is not famous, of course we are happy to receive homework about any famous black person from the past and from the present. It would be wonderful if you could link your hero to any or all of the Fundamental British Values:

  • Individual Liberty
  • Tolerance
  • Mutual Respect
  • Democracy
  • Responsibility

Your project can be as creative as you like. In fact, the more creative the better. You can draw a poster, write a fact file, make a 3D picture, painting, drawing, collage, do some research. It’s up to you! Your projects can also be created as a family or a group of friends if you wish.


You can start your project immediately or at any point over the holiday. It must be handed in by the morning of Friday 8th November as we hope to showcase the wonderful range of projects we get back in the hall after school that day – all will be welcome! Have Fun!