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At OBS we believe in giving children responsibility and acknowledging individual talents! We foster a love of unearthing passion and drive beyond the set school curriculum. OBS=Opportunities Bring Success! Not only are our pupils given opportunities to partake and join a vast array of extra curricula clubs, but they are also given the opportunity to stand out, shone and help lead that club through being awarded the role of Club Captain! These are always incredibly popular roles amongst our pupils! CONGRATULATIONS TO …...

Basketball Captains - Kyhannah and Declan

Chess Captains - Avi and Zak

Tag Rugby Captains - Harry and Maja

U11's Boys Football Captains - Christian and Harvey

Girls Football Captains - Kiren and Maria

Music Captains - Alessia and Evie

Athletics Captains - Jacob and Joycelyn

Street Dance Captains - Alara and Alijah

Gymnastics Captains - Theo and Freya

Infinity Captains - Ella and Liam

Breakfast Club Captains - Alex and Chris

Netball Captains - Libbie and Taylor

Girls Football Captains -