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As the children have been working so hard on their mid year assessments this week throughout school we thought we'd end the week with a whole school talent show.

Our school captains for: dance, drama, singing and gymnastics were our 8 judges for all 24 acts who had been nominated by their peers in their own year groups to make it through to this afternoons performance!

The judges gave each act a score out of 10 for:

- talent/skill

- confidence/bravery

- entertainment

- audience enjoyment

The total scores of the judges were then calculated by our maths captains! AND THE RESULTS WERE.............

3RD PLACE - Michelle (Y5) for her piano performance

2ND PLACE - Theo and Georgia (Y4) for their dance

1ST PLACE - Willow, Penny, Millie & Sunami for their Moana (F2) singing and dancing!

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE AFTERNOON! We have some very talented children here at OBS! (Opportunities Bring Success!)