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Today we celebrated Old Basford's 50th birthday. In 1969, the old Victorian building was demolished to make way for a brand new school. OBS has seen many changes of the last 50 years and the building has changed lots with extensions, new buildings, new hall and extra classrooms. However, at the heart of OBS something special still exists! We had a kite-making workshop in the morning and we flew them with parents at the end of the day. Everyone enjoyed a special party lunch with sandwiches, pizza and of course jelly and ice cream! Thank you to Tanya and the middays for that. We had some special visitors too Robin Hood at lunchtime and a visit from Mrs Dimaline, Mrs Brown and Mrs Wood after school. We had two oak trees donated by Robin Hood energy to commemorate the day, one of which was planted by Mr Martyn. A great big thank you to everyone for taking part and an extra special thank you to Michelle Della-Rocca for making us a celebratory cake!