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Food Bank Donations

Food Bank Donations

Since people are currently unable to come to school to collect food from the school food bank I (Miss Lloyd) have taken it to my church, Trent Vineyard, which has become a foodbank distribution centre. I have been volunteering there over the past few weeks on the days I haven’t been in school. Trent Vineyard has a charity attached to it called the Archers which normally provides furniture for those who cannot afford it but during the lockdown they were unable to do this so it became a foodbank distribution centre, taking in food donations from individuals all over Nottingham and big companies, then distributing it to all foodbanks within Nottingham. This way all foodbanks are getting the food they need to help feed the families who need some extra help during these tough times. If you or someone you know needs some help with food please click on the link provided which will give you some information about local foodbank.                                https://www.trusselltrust.org/get-help/find-a-foodbank/eastwestnottingham/

Thank you to everyone who donated food to school!

 If you want any more information on how you can donate food click on this link provided https://trentvineyard.org/actsofcompassion/