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Maths Workshop - National Numeracy

This year, Old Basford are lucky enough to be part of the National Numeracy Parental Engagement Programme. We are one of 10 schools in the city to be part of this project which will be running throughout the year and aims to engage children and parents with maths in the everyday world in a fun way.

On Thursday last week, we held our first meeting led by Bryony Clark from the National Numeracy project. This was very well attended and was very informative. 

Below is the PowerPoint that Bryony used so you can read through this if you were unable to attend the session.

Contained in the PowerPoint is a QR code which takes you to the National Numeracy Challenge website, a free resource aimed at developing adult confidence in maths.


Link for the video:

What is the National Numeracy Challenge & how can it help me improve my numeracy? - YouTube