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What an incredible afternoon!

All of our F2, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 pupils and staff completed our very own Mini Marathon course. Presenting awards for the top three boys and girls in each year group was Mr Davie (site manager) who yesterday completed the Nottingham Robin Hood Half Marathon. He wore his medal to share with the pupils.


Awards for the most resilience, best encourager and most improved runners will be awarded in year groups tomorrow morning!


The afternoon was filled with a buzz of excitement and encouragement! Resilience by the bag full in race after race!



F2 BOYS       1ST Ezra         2ND Hugo           3RD Humanza

F2 GIRLS      1ST Italy         2ND Mia              3RD Sinbie


Y1 BOYS      1ST Cyrus       2ND Riley             3RD Tyrae

Y1 GIRLS      1ST Aliza       2ND Esme             3RD Prageham


Y2 BOYS      1ST Hector     2ND Lewis             3RD Aron

Y2 GIRLS      1ST Aliina      2ND Isabella          3RD Luna


Y3 BOYS      1ST Jacob       2ND Toby              3RD Umair

Y3 GIRLS      1ST Daisy      2ND Laura-Rose    3RD Olivia


Y4 BOYS       1ST Jacob      2ND Daniel            3RD Shauna

Y4 GIRLS       1ST Natalia   2ND Zoe                3RD Adana


Y5 BOYS       1ST Max        2ND Junior             3RD Asaiah

Y5 GIRLS      1ST Sarah      2ND Aixa               3RD  Jessica


Y6 BOYS       1ST Obi         2ND Caleb             3RD Samuel

Y6 GIRLS      1ST India       2ND Nyah              3RD Ella