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We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive picture of school from a parent perspective. We thank the 129 parents who completed the parent questionnaire. We as a school will always strive to continue to improve the provision we offer. Thank you to those who have offered us suggestions or stated things they would like to see more of in our school.

I'll take time over the holidays to really reflect on these and think how/if I can adapt things to cater for them.

ANOTHER HUGE THANK YOU to those who took the time to write such personal and appreciative comments. Positivity spreads positivity! I read many of them to all of the staff in school briefing this morning. Your kind and thoughtful words mean more than you know and it really does help to keep us all focused and striving to do our very best for what is most important... YOUR CHILDREN! Wishing you all a fantastic half term break. Please see the results of the questionnaire on your MM account sent 19.10.18. Mrs Shaw