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Recognition Time - 19.4.24

What a start to the Summer Term!  So many children being recognised within the first week back.  The majority of the children were chosen by our lunchtime Play Team for being kind, helpful and showing respect within the hall or outside during OPAL play - well done!

When I asked the children what the best bits of school were, they shared:

- football with OPAL (but not the wellies!)

- lunchtimes


- Scooters at lunchtimes

- Science

- making 3D models in computing

- History - the Mayans


With their magic wands and no money worries they would like:

- more running

- swings and slides

- more OPAL

- to climb trees

- a hot tub!

- more school/class pets

- more football

- more computing


When asked 'what can I do to make school better?' they shared:

- longer lunchtimes

- no wellies with football

- KS2 having longer on the wheelies (bikes/scooters)

- bring back Infinity

- More OPAL