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The Merchant of Venice

As a Royal Shakespeare Company Lead Associate School, every year we focus on one of Shakespeare's plays for a whole week. This year we have all been immersed in 'The Merchant of Venice' which is a tale of love, prejudice, revenge and justice. Each year group have looked at parts of the play (appropriate for their age), reading the text, using drama to bring the text to life and using the language to influence their own writing. We have also used cross-curicular lessons to explore the story and the setting of Venice. We have visits and support from an artist in Year 6, a drama specialist in Years 3 and 4 and a musician in Year 1. We have finished the week with a celebratory assembly looking at some of the work that has gone on and there will be a display of a portion of this work in school. Come and take a look next time you are in school. If you would to see work that your child has been doing please go to their class page on the website.