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World Maths Day 2023

We have had a brilliant day celebrating World Maths Day at Old Basford based on the theme of Maths is all around us! We started the day the day with an assembly delivered by Helen Davis who is the Assistant General Counsel at Capital One UK. She talked to the children about how important maths is and how she uses it in her everyday life. The children had lots of questions for her and got a real idea of how they might use in their everyday lives or in the future when they get a job.

Each year group then had a maths all around me treasure hunt around school, finding lots of maths questions linked to the world around them. They had lots of fun doing this and it really helped them to see that maths is everywhere, from the 2D shape of the school windows to the perimeter of the playground.

Year 4 were also visited by Maya Dalal, a paralegal expert from Capital One who talked to the children about her job and what maths this involves. She then worked with them to look at a number of different jobs and what maths would be needed for each of these.

What a busy day!