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Today is the start of Black History Month in the UK and there will be lots going on in lessons and assemblies at OBS. We have made Black History Month the focus of all of our assemblies. So for example, on Tuesdays we will sing songs by famous Black musicians and on Thursdays we will read stories by Black authors. This Thursday is National Poetry Day so we will learn poems by the brilliantly talented Benjamin Zephaniah. On Friday 6th October, we have an extra special guest speaker, the amazing artist Willard Wigan, who will then spend the day with Year 5 and Year 2 teaching them how to create microscopic art. The musician of the month is the fantastic Stevie Wonder and we will learn about his achievements as well as listening to his wonderful songs. We will finish the month by marking' Give Racism the Red Card' day on Friday 27th October and we will all wear something red to show our commitment.

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