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Last night was a very exciting one at OBS! Year 5 children were invited back to school to take part in a 'STAR GAZING EVENING' to support their learning about Earth and Space. 

The evening was ran by Laurel Armstrong who is the Science Lead for Nottingham Schools Trust. Things kicked off with an interactive tour of the solar system then Laurel used her planetarium to give the children a fascinating tour of the night sky. They learnt all about the different constellations we can see from planet Earth. Using a special app, the children then went outside to see how many stars they could spot. Sadly, it was a cloudy night but we did manage to spot a few stars and even the planet Jupiter was visible! 

Back inside, the children took part in various fun activities to do with Earth and Space such as training to be an astronaut, using telescopes and building rockets. The evening finished with hot chocolate and biscuits!